Anti Social Jazz Club with ASJC Lee (December ’17)

Written by on 10th January 2018

The Anti Social Jazz Club「ASJC」is an experimental music platform dedicated to jazz/improvised music and connected genres from around the world.

Starting out as an audiophile’s journey into the world of jazz, ASJC aims to highlight up-and-coming and established jazz musicians who share a passion for jazz. While ASJC salutes legends such as Davis, Coltrane, Monk, Mingus and Parker they dig deep to discover the new talent out there that remains unexposed otherwise. With residencies in the Merchant Pub every Thursday, and Buyers Club every other Friday, along with their「Not Not Jazz」DJ sets, ASJC unexpectedly present live jazz events under their ‘Experimental Jazz Series’ program which stays true to the spontaneity of the music genre and art form.

Anti Social Jazz Club「on air」is headed by Lee Fleming and he runs through all the best jazz from 2017 and prior, with Joseph Kaye and the Carhartt familia joining him in the studio after Black Jazz took place at Black Lodge in December. Keep an eye out for the Liverpool International Jazz Festival, where ASJC present the Bristol based quartet Get The Blessing…


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