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It’s high, high summer already, huh? Leo season might seem like its just one long Insta scroll of glitter and itsy bitsy teenie weeny yellow polka dot bikinis, but hey if you’re not in Croatia, Berlin or Ibiza, there’s still sun/rain-soaked adventures to be had back home. Here’s our monthly round up of what is […]

Good grief. In the immortal words of Montserrat’s finest export Arrow – it’s “HOT HOT HOT”! Trapped in the Luciferian clutches of a hellish heatwave (and accompanying Football Fever™), Liverpool has transmogrified into a toasty yet beautifully breezy paradise akin to some fabled Caribbean clime, like Merseyside’s answer to Miami, with sweltering sunbathers and cool […]

Last month I opened with a quote from Plato, this ancient philosopher, waxing lyrical on the spiritual power of music. An eloquent confirmation of the general consensus here at Jacaranda Records – that life isn’t really worth much cop if you don’t have some banging tunes on the go. A couple weeks ago we opened […]

With Record Store Day now tucked under their belts for another 12-months, and some exciting news to share about the not-so-distant future, Jacaranda Records drop by for their first in a series of monthly columns on Melodic Distraction.  “Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, charm and gaiety […]

The Melodic Distraction family circle is growing every day! We’re nothing without the show hosts, associates, partners, friends and, of course, the listeners tuning in each and every day. We’ve got some serious stuff on the bubble over the summer months and beyond, and like a cute lil snek in tropical adolescence, we’ve outgrown our […]

It’s good to be back! After a small hiatus, our monthly New Wax feature returns…this time, for good. With Record Store Day looming its mammoth presence over the month once again, we’ve tried our very best to steer clear of specific RSD releases (with a few guilty exceptions!)  A more focused issue of New Wax […]

Women are remarkable. Tell your story. Tell her story. We live in a world where gender is an increasingly important issue. If the talents of women are neglected or ignored, the consequences are serious for social and economic progress. The question is, how we can promote gender equality within multi-cultural societies? Does gender equality look […]

Ahead of their first monthly show with us here on Melodic Distraction Radio, Tuff Love Soul Club put it all down into words: Where they’re from, what they’re about and what they’ve set out to achieve – all rounded up with a taster mix from head honcho, Liam Flanders… Liam: “No-holds-barred-soul-music is our ethos. Don’t get me […]

It’s often said that the best music comes out of adversity. Jazz, hiphop, punk and so many other genres have stemmed from societal, racial and economic hardship…So far in our end-of-year mini-series, I’d say that we have beyond doubt proved this to be true. While 2016 has seemed, at times, socially and politically apocalyptic, the […]

Escapism at its most unadulterated…Nothing beats shaking off the woes of the world like a good gig. Whether you prefer watching a disc jockey spin records that were released before you were born or veer more towards standing in a sweaty venue, watery pint in hand, to watch your mate’s grunge band – everyone loves a […]