Author: Chris Cannell

Artist Focus: A brand-new series that dives into the world of Melodic Distraction’s favourite musicians. Their inspirations, their discography and their future will all be celebrated and tied together, each month, by a sketch from the brilliantly talented, Beth Blandford. For our inaugural issue, Chris Cannell takes a look at a rising talent in UK hip-hop, Loyle […]

The pronunciation of Bonobo’s name (is it BoNObo or BOnobo?) is not the only disagreement surrounding his music; placing him musically involves serious contention between fans. Wikipedia lists him as electronica, trip-hop, acid jazz, chillwave, downtempo and soul; contrasting selections that are definitely all representative of his music. Bonobo’s musical selling point is the way in which he […]

Firstly, a qualifier: I am not a jazz aficionado. I’ve only scratched the surface of the vast and exotic confines of this fundamental genre of music, listening primarily to contemporary jazz musicians such as Robert Glasper, Esperanza Spalding and Kamasi Washington.  Therefore, I am approaching Yussef Kamaal’s debut album, Black Focus, as an outsider to traditional jazz […]

Facebook adverts don’t often successfully engage me but in the case of Oscar Jerome I was immediately hooked. Appearing as a sponsored ad on my newsfeed, I was surprised that Facebook could even direct an ad at me that was relevant, never mind introducing me to an artist with such potential. The advert featured the […]

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