Author: Jake Hirst

Adored by his people, a messianic saviour of sorts – Kendrick Lamar is a prince who has found his place on the throne. Back with album number four, entitled DAMN, Kendrick’s latest offering gets the full shakedown by our top dog reviewer, Jake Hirst.  Kendrick is a shining light in a hip-hop landscape fractured by mumble rappers and trap […]

29 days ago, I discovered the Beatles and what a beautiful 29 days it has been. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Everyone in the world knows The Beatles – you haven’t discovered shit, you hipster!” Of course I knew The Beatles prior to my 29 day honeymoon… I’d heard loads of their songs and […]

I’ve often been quite critical of the Arctic Monkeys in the past. I’ve complained about them for loads of reasons; on loads of occasions. Whether this is because I don’t like something about their music or whether I just like being a contrarian, I don’t know. Or maybe deep down I feel like Alex Turner […]

A wise man once said “the camel is a horse designed by committee”.   Looking past the baseless slander of one of evolution’s greatest achievements, this proverb is an important one. It asserts that vision is purer than consensus, that an idea is greater than agreement. Whether this is true in all cases is questionable… […]

Neo soul has been on the rise for a few years now; names like The Weeknd have taken the genre to the forefront of popular music and more and more artists are experimenting with the genre. However, as a champion of this genre, the artist’s name on everyone’s lips is Frank Ocean – a man who clearly refuses to be defined […]

Evolution is an integral part of the carrier of any musician worth their salt. It keeps fans engaged, pushes them as artists and proves they haven’t just been riffing (pun intended) on the first hit record they had. As an audience we need to hear new things. We may not always like the changes but […]

For the uninitiated, Death Grips are a Hip Hop trio comprised of vocalist MC Ride, and Zach Hill and Flatlander on production. The group released their first mixtape Exmilitary in 2011 and have subsequently released an impressive seven albums. Describing Death Grips as a Hip Hop group, which I have, is criminally reductive. The music […]

Making a list of just ten songs for one of the greatest recording artists of all time is tricky… especially when he has released 37 original albums. Legendary tracks have gone without mention and some of you may be offended by their omission, but I make no claim of being objective. In no particular order, […]

1967-1970, three years and four albums of hedonism, decadence and transcendence. The Warhol scene, notorious for big parties and big names was swinging at its highest peak. And the factory was the place to be for any socialite with their ear to the street. The highest royalty in the fastidiously exclusive scene were The Velvet […]

When trying to capture the essence of what makes Bob Dylan so special one is easily overwhelmed by the sheer size of his discography and its influence. He brought folk to the mainstream, he birthed folk-rock and influenced countless artists from the Velvet Underground to Neil Young and he released a considerable amount of the […]

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