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“We let everyone exist within their own creative dimensions, Black Beacon Sound is about giving artists a refreshing experience.” Based in Sheffield, but fast becoming a nationally-recognised label, Black Beacon Sound is what happens when two friends, self-professed record nerds and relentlessly-optimistic music lovers become tired of the status quo. Stifled by their work at […]

Once more around the sun – 2017 has been a curious year for the music industry as a whole. To unpack a full 365 days in ‘the business’ would be an unassailable endeavour, especially in a few short paragraphs. Given the endless dimensions of discussion on offer, these are just some of our personal highlights […]

“Music is all about atmosphere…atmosphere can traverse good drum&bass, good house music, any genre really. The problem with music today is that a lot of people are copying a template for perceived success, they don’t have any atmosphere in their tracks. If you have no atmosphere, if you’ve had no life experience, then it will […]

Travel. One of the greatest challenges facing a DJ or music selector is travel; to take oneself out of the familiar, to jump into a whole new realm and provide a soundtrack for strangers to dance and enjoy. It’s a talent often defined by expeditious curation, a musical conversation between the selector and the emotional responses […]

Constellations and live music have been locked in an enduring love affair ever since the venue opened its doors back in 2014. Having played host to the likes of The Quantic Soul Orchestra, Fatima & The Eglo Band, Moses Boyd Exodus, Romare and many more, the venue has championed underground, left-field and forward-thinking live music […]

In May, we sat down with David Burch, head man at Ad Hoc Records. Chatting to him, it was clear that the vision he held for his Manchester-based label was spiritedly poised around a sense of local pride; entrusting in the power of a community-focused approach to releasing music. A four-track EP, Ad Hoc 001 included cuts […]

If ever a month were to be associated with a 30-day-long hangover, it would be September. With festivals on the shores of foreign territories burning a hole in our wallets and opening our minds to what lies beyond our humble island, home can often seem a challenge in the post-festival headspace. Returning to the 9-5; […]

Bolts stops by the studio once a month for his Songlines show, bringing an eclectic bag of sounds with a soulful undercurrent. Drawing from experience playing at various nights around the North West over the past decade, he’s developed a keen ear for captivating, enchanting music from a wide range of genres, with just as […]

August; the month of boat parties on the Adriatic, Dekmantel Festival and enough open-air events to give yourself the sunburnt skin tone of your nan’s leather sofa. Whether you’re looking to get in on some new wax to spin under the (sort of) summer sun, or need something to tranquilize those envious ‘stuck at home’ […]

Nas, A Tribe Called Quest, The Notorious B.I.G, Jay Z, Busta Rhymes and seemingly countless more; radio DJs Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia were instrumental in launching the careers of hip-hop’s most luminary figures. Their show on Columbia University’s WKCR was quite possibly the most genre-defining broadcast series in hip-hop history. Arguably, no other radio […]

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