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We are back with another handful of new records that we’ve picked up over the last month. Whether it is Anderson .Paak’s collaboration with Knxwledge or Sessions Victim’s dance floor ready EP, we’ve rounded up the best from the second half of October for you to indulge in… NxWorries – Anderson Paak & Knxwledge – Yes Lawd! (Stones […]

Seven parties strong; we couldn’t be happier with how Saturday night went down! Every single DJ offered up the deepest delights from their record bags and each and every one of you left it all on the dance floor. With smooth and sultry cuts from Dego’s collection and unreleased teasers from Jayda’s bag, Saturday night had it all! […]

Introducing the Roots & Influences series; a mix showcasing the music driving and inspiring some of Melodic Distraction’s favourite artists and DJ’s. Purveyors of all things musical, the team down at Bold Street’s Dig Vinyl have been busy cultivating a name for themselves as the most eclectic vinyl merchants in town. On any given day, you can […]

Kickstarter has undoubtedly gifted the hiphop community with some serious loot this year: Firstly, over 11 thousand backers raised $600,000 for De La Soul to create, And The Anonymous Nobody, their 8th studio album and first album in over a decade. Now, out of a pure love of all things D.A.I.S.Y. Age, film producer Omar Akil has […]

A reluctant globetrotter and a fierce guardian of his city’s musical heritage, Kenny Dixon Jr. AKA Moodymann is a hard man to lure out of Detroit. An ever-illusive producer, DJ and rollerskating enigma, Moodymann has gained legendary status across Europe following a career of genre-defining releases on Planet E, Peacefrog and his own imprint: KDJ Records. A character like no […]

Citing Hugh Masekela, Fanga, Etta James and The Notorious B.I.G. as his influences: Barney Whittaker (better known as Footshooter) is truly a man of the world. Appearing live at Melodic Distraction 001, Footshooter showcased these influences with style: bustin’ out a sample-heavy set alongside the MVC crew on his 404. With a recent release on […]

You know the old theory, Six Degrees of Separation? The idea goes that everything and everyone, everywhere is connected through just six steps (or less) of interrelation. Popular spin-offs of the theory, developed by a Hungarian author back in the late 1920s, include; Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon and TV’s, Lost – yeah…the show that […]

Is it just me or has every gym in the land got the trashiest and most clichéd “pump-up” playlist imaginable? Often accompanied by a symphony of girlish yelps and grunts from overly-juiced up muscle men lifting weights the size of small houses: there is only so many more times I can listen to Eminem’s “Lose […]

In my modest and mostly unqualified opinion the hallmark of a truly special recording artist often lies within their ability to turn the everyday, quotidian experiences of life into something enthralling. Art is at its most endearing when it mimics life: when it is simultaneously relatable and empathetic. To approach such subject matter as; the […]

Christopher Edwin Breaux (or Mr Frank Ocean to all of us) is either a publicist’s wet dream or a publicist’s worst nightmare. The publicity tight rope that Ocean has so masterfully placed himself upon; that of withholding new material whilst seemingly galvanising a greater and greater buzz around his work, is one that has generated […]

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