Author: Nina Franklin

In 2010, after being banned from Tunisian airwaves due to her political invective, Emel Mathlouthi returned from self-exile in Paris to her native Tunis during a protest, and was filmed singing Kelmti Horra (My Word Is Free) in the streets. In days, the video spread like wildfire and became an anthem for the Arab Spring in Tunisia […]

Early, solitudinous walks in the park, whether a continuation of the night before or a head-clearing stroll before the daily grind kicks in, are an essential part of our private, inner lives. Introspective, coloured with nostalgia and prone to being a little over-sentimental at times (especially if twinned with the aforementioned night before), they’d be […]

We’ve been busy little bees and had some serious plans a-bubbling away over the winter slumber. We’re so excited to present our latest (and greatest?) party to date. Alongside our Baltic siblings over at 24 Kitchen Street, we’ve put together a whole day and night of celebrations for International Women’s Day, this very Thursday, March […]

With the ‘Beast From the East’ finally behind us, we’re more than ready for some longer, brighter days. Come out of hibernation and shake off the winter slumber with a springtime dance. Liverpool is delivering an array of music events from all genres, cultural events for us all to swot up during and venue openings […]

Bath. Afrobeat. Bathrobeat. This isn’t your ma’s epsom salt soak though, no, no, no. This is a very particular playlist for a very particular type of bath. Not a Sunday evening post-roast spa, not a fervent Monday morning scramble. Picture the scene: it’s Friday night, the feelings right. You’ve had a long, productive week and […]

It’s Saturday morning; up and at ‘em, champs! Nuttin’ quite like a hearty brew of Joe to get you going of a morning, right? As an ode to that sweet, sweet black gold, we’ve collected some of our favourite songs on the topic in one nifty little place to get you up and out of […]

Out of her winter slumber, Liverpool is very much back on her party a-game. With some truly exciting events every week in February, we’re setting out to prove it’s not all doom-and-gloom 10 years after City of Culture. And if the sky really is falling on Liverpool’s music scene, hey, at least gig tickets always […]

We all know that orange is the new black and Thursday is the new Friday but, hey, didja know January is the new December? Shake off that Twixmas stupour and forget that plan of a dry month – Liverpool’s packing some fire to continue the party sparkle right through the greyest of months. Glasto might […]

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? The season of that t00-many-mince-pies feeling, staid office pissups and Mariah Carey on repeat in the Asda is upon us. Step away from the Christmas madness and indulge yourself in a little musical self-care with ne’er a Wham! karaoke in sight. All the same, tickets for these events […]

The Archive fellas pack a far-reaching range of music, from ambient to post- dubstep, but always keep it dancable.  From obscure synth pop records found at the back of a stack in a record store, to the cutting edge of house & techno, (and a healthy dose of 90s UK garage) Archive are cutting a […]

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