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Author: Toby Taylor

Rising star Niki Kand unveils “We Used To Talk”, the third single from her exciting forthcoming EP Lady Shol.  Having been on our radar for a while, we’re stoked to hear that Niki Kand is back with a brand new track. “We Used To Talk” sees the singer-songwriter continue to explore her unique take on […]

Dowd’s back with another Bandcamp release just in time to fill those Christmas stockings! These two tracks are a combination of lockdown 2.0 and wishing there was a dancefloor to burn off that pent up energy. The Funkhauser EP is a reflection of where Dowd’s focus is now, and that’s thinking ahead by channeling a […]

Well then. What a year. As 2020 *finally* draws to a close, most of us will be glad to see the back of a year that threw so much of what we know and love into turmoil…  As daily life changed, so to do did our listening habits. With live music decimated, our listening habits […]

Turnend Tapes presents the Da’aro Youth Compilation. An album consisting of various sounds and textures spanning 11 tracks with the involvement of 13 artists.  Da’aro Youth // The Injera Club is the main project run by Da’aro youth which is a community-led organisation supporting young refugees from the Horn of Africa. They aim to promote the […]

The second release out on Nothin Personal comes from Melbourne based artist ‘Don Glori’. An anagram is a word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of a different word or phrase. Don Glori, AKA Gordon Li, takes this concept and applies it to his name as well as his music. Deconstructing the sounds and […]

Exciting new imprint (and friends of the station!) Humanoid enters the fold with a debut from UK-based label co-owners 4D&Krunky. After a year of gaining recognition across the UK and beyond as a collective that pushes forward-thinking electronic music as well as showcasing the finest unforgotten and unknown gems from the past – this impressive […]

Two years after a fateful live appearance on Melodic Distraction Radio, Dead Meat, the alias of artist Ryan Mahan, have just released their debut album – The End of Their World is Coming! Set and recorded in the deep woods of Southern Appalachia and in the burning streets of Atlanta 2020, The End of Their […]

Liverpool’s LUNA, ethereal songstress, producer and performer is launching a club-ready remix EP of her debut record, ‘Hello Earth’. . The five reworks come via an extremely talented array of North West producers (and friendly faces) that include Stealing Sheep, Haku (Chris Barker) and Mystique. . Originally a downtempo electronica EP, these club-orientated remixes of […]

The label’s debut release “NYX” comes via label founders Empathy Slow & DaVak. The title and artwork of this EP are inspired by the sounds of the night. ‘Nyx’ represents the dawn of this beginning. The great Goddess of the night, who emerged as the dawn of creation. As Inflect starts their journey with their first […]

In case you missed it, this time last week we were packing down the studio and preparing to vacate the premises we’d called home for the previous four(ish) years.   As we packed the last cable into its box, unscrewed the final screw and the carried the last bits & bobs into our moving van (kindly […]