Better Days with Tom Lye (October ’17)

Written by on 7th November 2017

A radio show for sore heads and sore feet, stick the kettle on and let Better Days ease your reality.

A founding member of Melodic Distraction Radio, Tom Lye has been integral to the launching of the online station. As resident DJ for Abandon Silence, he has regularly supported internationally-acclaimed DJs such as Omar-S, Dan Shake, Secret Sundaze, Alexander Nut and Mount Kimbie. Having performed at Farr Festival and The Baltic Weekender this summer, the future is looking bright!

With Better Days, Tom has taken the opportunity to play out his lesser-known favourites on a calmer tip. A blend of ambient, folk, afro-funk and wonky soul, Better Days takes you through to the PM on the last Sunday of every month.This Sunday, Tom starts off slow and picks up the energy with sneak peeks at forthcoming Nu Northern Soul, Habibi Funk and Music For Dreams. Tune in and chill out…



Max Wyatt – 東京の雨が降る (Rain Fall In Tokyo Mix) [Dansu Discs, 2017]

The Beige Lasers – Smoulderville (Clark Remix) [Warp Records, 2013]

Psychemagik – Almond Eyes [Self Released, 2017]

Cool Creations of St. Maarten – Nightime on the Beach Island [Athens of the North, 2015]

Bonnie & Klein – Ithaca [Music for Dreams, 2017]

The Walls of Love – Maxim’s Choir [Banoffee Pies Records, 2017]

Throwing Shade – Floors [On Loop, 2017]

Jayda G – Rishikesh [Freakout Cult, 2016]

Two Tail – Limerence [Dansu Discs, 2017]

Glenn Davis – Holdin’ On [Ele Records, 2017]

Reverend P – Feel The Heat [Razor-N-Tape, 2017]

Alexei Versino – Panamarama feat. Pier Falbo [Uzuri Records, 2017]

Jimmy The Twin – Midnight Shuffle [Boogie Cafe, 2014]

The Movers – Shanana [Soundway Records, 2017]

Dudu Tucci – Drum It Up [BBE Music, 2017]

Munir – Cinta Senada [Midnight Runners, 2017]

Penny Goodwin – Too Soon You’re Old [Athens of the North, 2017]

Pure Essence – Wake Up [Athens of the North, 2017]

Raphael Munnings – Sleep On, Dream On [Athens of the North, 2017]

Domenique Dumont – Le Château de Corail [Antinote, 2015]

Madvillain – America’s Most Blunted [Stones Throw Records, 2004]

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