Bryony Jarman-Pinto – Cage and Aviary

Written by on 21st August 2019

Written over the course of three years, Bryony Jarman-Pinto – Cage and Aviary ties personal reflection to wider social issues, giving an intimate insight in to what it means to come of age in today’s world.

“The album is built around my contemplations on life, love and myself and tying that in with wider global issues.” Jarman-Pinto explains, “lyrically I have circled around the theme of family and securities I felt at a younger age, measured against my insecurities now and personal desires to my own femininity and personhood”. The album oozes sophistication, as Jarman-Pinto’s harmonious vocals buttress layers of smooth jazz, soul and elements of folk, to create a throughly charming melodious sound.


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