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‘Tis the Season💚 The wonderful heads behind Constellations have launched a Kickstarter!   After the news broke that they were shutting up shop at the end of 2019, we were pretty down. It’s the very spot where Melodic Distraction was born…in the form of a party run by two doughy eyed students and a bunch of their […]

Roll up, roll up, Prince Street Record Forum join us in the Melodic Distraction studio! If you’re yet to get in the know, PSRF is a pop-up record store and mail order distributor based in Liverpool. Fresh on the scene, and packing serious heat into a couple lil crates, the burgeoning Liverpool record seller brings in a tasteful […]

It’s high, high summer already, huh? Leo season might seem like its just one long Insta scroll of glitter and itsy bitsy teenie weeny yellow polka dot bikinis, but hey if you’re not in Croatia, Berlin or Ibiza, there’s still sun/rain-soaked adventures to be had back home. Here’s our monthly round up of what is […]

Good grief. In the immortal words of Montserrat’s finest export Arrow – it’s “HOT HOT HOT”! Trapped in the Luciferian clutches of a hellish heatwave (and accompanying Football Fever™), Liverpool has transmogrified into a toasty yet beautifully breezy paradise akin to some fabled Caribbean clime, like Merseyside’s answer to Miami, with sweltering sunbathers and cool […]

That’s right folks! Melodic Distraction Radio has launched a Kickstarter  to make our radio station broadcast 24-hours a day, 7 days-a-week and 365 days a year. Follow the link to get involved and read on below to find out more… Alongside this? A brand-new website, a mobile app for android and iPhone and tons more radio shows, […]

In 2010, after being banned from Tunisian airwaves due to her political invective, Emel Mathlouthi returned from self-exile in Paris to her native Tunis during a protest, and was filmed singing Kelmti Horra (My Word Is Free) in the streets. In days, the video spread like wildfire and became an anthem for the Arab Spring in Tunisia […]

It’s no secret that the Melodic Distraction staff have a lot of love for our Manchester friends over at Ad Hoc Records. With releases from Yadava, Two Tail and Taurtollo under their belt – the label now takes focus on its fourth release, dropping courtesy of the eclectic producer and label newcomer, Tommy Tickle. Entitled, […]

Wonder Stories is a record label set up in Brooklyn, New York before settling in Denver, Colorado. It encompasses a leftfield approach to house, disco and techno, maintaining an ethos of experimentalism. Ran by the DJ and producer Aimes, Wonder Stories is still forging forward with new and eclectic music; the label now boasts a discography of over 25 […]

At just 19 years of age, Bellaire has quickly proven that the internet is an independent musician’s most powerful tool. Making beats in his bedroom, with only a laptop and saxophone to hand, the French producer has found near-immediate online fame – amassing hundreds of thousands of listens on Soundcloud and YouTube over the past […]

Last month I opened with a quote from Plato, this ancient philosopher, waxing lyrical on the spiritual power of music. An eloquent confirmation of the general consensus here at Jacaranda Records – that life isn’t really worth much cop if you don’t have some banging tunes on the go. A couple weeks ago we opened […]

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