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After the final Dobwalls Gateway Zone came out on 19th December, we sat down with Ben aka Brain Rays for a quick little catch up on how things have flown over the past few months and what his plans are for the future… Brain Rays has been deep in the studio recently. With four releases in as […]

“The whole point in Balearic music is that you capture the moment. It’s just about these different shades…” Since their first release, Déjà vu on Mark Barrot’s International Feel imprint in 2015, Private Agenda have gone from strength to strength, with releases on Needwant and Nightshift, as well as radio play on BBC Radio 1Xtra, […]

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? The season of that t00-many-mince-pies feeling, staid office pissups and Mariah Carey on repeat in the Asda is upon us. Step away from the Christmas madness and indulge yourself in a little musical self-care with ne’er a Wham! karaoke in sight. All the same, tickets for these events […]

“Music is all about atmosphere…atmosphere can traverse good drum&bass, good house music, any genre really. The problem with music today is that a lot of people are copying a template for perceived success, they don’t have any atmosphere in their tracks. If you have no atmosphere, if you’ve had no life experience, then it will […]

There was an article published in Mixmag’s November issue written by the editor, Duncan Dick, entitled ‘Meet Me in the Bathroom: Dance Music Needs More Rockstars‘. Had this been trolled out as satire, it would have been worthy of no more than a derisory comment. But as it has been published as a print piece […]

Travel. One of the greatest challenges facing a DJ or music selector is travel; to take oneself out of the familiar, to jump into a whole new realm and provide a soundtrack for strangers to dance and enjoy. It’s a talent often defined by expeditious curation, a musical conversation between the selector and the emotional responses […]

Alright, alright, we know it’s getting colder and it’s tempting to eat crisps in bed and watch Stranger Things from now until next March, but what was it your Mum always told you? There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes? Dust that big coat off and get yourself out and about; there’s […]

Constellations and live music have been locked in an enduring love affair ever since the venue opened its doors back in 2014. Having played host to the likes of The Quantic Soul Orchestra, Fatima & The Eglo Band, Moses Boyd Exodus, Romare and many more, the venue has championed underground, left-field and forward-thinking live music […]

Having celebrated their 12th birthday this year, BEEF release their inaugural compilation series entitled Selected Works, showcasing a range of artists and producers on their back catalogue. We picked out Moon Rhapsody by Vanilla Dinosaurs, ahead of its release on October 27th.  It is testament to their unorthodox approach as a label, putting a mysterious newcomer to the scene […]

Label Focus: A monthly series exploring Melodic Distraction’s favourite labels from around the globe. This month, we take a look at Usury Recordings, who are celebrating ten years in the game, with a label mix from Tama Sumo to accompany the article. Headed by internationally recognised DJ, Lerato Khathi aka Lakuti, the label’s “essential goal from day […]

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