A totem of the Chicago Jazz scene, Kahil El’Zabar has not only performed with some of the genre’s most legendary players (including, but by no means limited to Cannonball Adderley, Dizzy Gillespie, Nina Simone and Pharoah Sanders), but is also a leading figure within the spiritual and afro-futuristic spheres of jazz music.   El’Zabar is renowned for his awe-inspiring live […]

Is it just me or has every gym in the land got the trashiest and most clichéd “pump-up” playlist imaginable? Often accompanied by a symphony of girlish yelps and grunts from overly-juiced up muscle men lifting weights the size of small houses: there is only so many more times I can listen to Eminem’s “Lose […]

“If Music is a Place — then Jazz is the City, Folk is the Wilderness, Rock is the Road, Classical is a Temple.” ― Vera Nazarian This summer the jazz, funk, and soul festival Love Supreme (named after legend John Coltrane’s widely respected album) takes to Lewes near Brighton for its 3rd year running. Across the […]

THE MAN BEHIND THE MUSIC: DAVID FISHEL & THE LIVERPOOL JAZZ CLUB So ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce David Fishel. I presume that you’ll by now have attended the ParrJazz session at Frederiks, made it down to the Caledonia on a Friday and seen what’s to love about the Grapes on Sundays. […]

After receiving the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site back in 2004 and later being named a European Capital of Culture in 2008; Liverpool’s new certification as the 2016 UNESCO City of Music comes as no surprise to those familiar with the city’s musical heritage. Whilst Liverpool’s contemporary music scene is characterised by an eclectic […]

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