Melodic Selections

Early, solitudinous walks in the park, whether a continuation of the night before or a head-clearing stroll before the daily grind kicks in, are an essential part of our private, inner lives. Introspective, coloured with nostalgia and prone to being a little over-sentimental at times (especially if twinned with the aforementioned night before), they’d be […]

Bath. Afrobeat. Bathrobeat. This isn’t your ma’s epsom salt soak though, no, no, no. This is a very particular playlist for a very particular type of bath. Not a Sunday evening post-roast spa, not a fervent Monday morning scramble. Picture the scene: it’s Friday night, the feelings right. You’ve had a long, productive week and […]

It’s Saturday morning; up and at ‘em, champs! Nuttin’ quite like a hearty brew of Joe to get you going of a morning, right? As an ode to that sweet, sweet black gold, we’ve collected some of our favourite songs on the topic in one nifty little place to get you up and out of […]

It’s often said that the best music comes out of adversity. Jazz, hiphop, punk and so many other genres have stemmed from societal, racial and economic hardship…So far in our end-of-year mini-series, I’d say that we have beyond doubt proved this to be true. While 2016 has seemed, at times, socially and politically apocalyptic, the […]

A series of playlists showcasing the favourite music of Melodic Distraction and friends. Diving through genres, situations and personal tastes, let our platform guide you through a journey of musical discovery… Spotify playlist are many and rife. Finding the right playlist for you can be somewhat daunting in the ocean of content available on the worldwide web. Whether […]

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