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If ever a month were to be associated with a 30-day-long hangover, it would be September. With festivals on the shores of foreign territories burning a hole in our wallets and opening our minds to what lies beyond our humble island, home can often seem a challenge in the post-festival headspace. Returning to the 9-5; […]

With Liverpool approaching a lull as the hot weather leads to lazy days at Crosby and people watching on Bold Street, the number of music events within the city take a noticeable turn. From this summer’s second festival at Sefton Park, to a multitude of shows hidden away beneath the business district, live re-imaginations of classic albums at The Philharmonic […]

February: the worst month of the year. It’s cold, summer seems a mile away and every film that comes out is Valentine’s Day themed. That being said, it’s hard to get too down-heartened when Liverpool comes correct with such a great run of festivals, concerts, parties and movie nights to help kick those winter blues to the curb.  From […]

With 2016 behind us and a fresh year full of serious music in Liverpool on the horizon, our best calendar coordinator, Beth Blandford, is back with her top picks of this month… Whether your new year’s resolution is to shift the shelf or actually try and complete a dry Jan this year, we’re sure you’ve still […]

Whether you’re looking to dance your way into 2017, looking for a more chilled spot to spend New Year’s with friends or don’t have a clue what to do with yourself; as we move into a fresh new year, happily waving goodbye to the traumatic experiences of 2016, we know the options can be overwhelming… From the Melodic Distraction DJs […]

With Christmas coming up and the winter weather well and truly upon us, we’ve got some ideas for how you can keep warm without having to hide under your duvet… …or in my case, next to the electric heater that my dodgy student boiler has forced me to use. From film screenings to an overwhelming array […]

Whilst we are still cooling off from this weekend’s party with Dego and Jayda G down at Constellations, and preparing ourselves for another big weekend with the incoming Liverpool Disco Festival, it is time to turn our attention to what music-orientated events will be appearing around our city over the next four weeks. Whether it be The Real Thing making their […]

As October draws closer and we look forward to next month, we cannot contain our excitement for the sheer amount of events that are about to be unleashed onto the northern scene. Liverpool alone boasts over 50 world renowned DJ’s and live shows in a mere 30 days including the likes of Moodymann for the Red Bull Music Academy […]

As summer draws to a close and our holidays away to warmer pastures must once again be put on hold, it’s the turn of our northern cities to once again live up to their legacies of hosting some of the best events in the country. Starting this September, we’ll be showcasing what our favourite three cities of […]