This week the world suffered a huge loss as David Mancuso, founder of The Loft and pioneering club event Love Saves the Day, passed away. Mancuso was a dance culture pioneer who strove to create a positive and safe space for people from all backgrounds and walks of life to come together and enjoy themselves – promoting […]

A reluctant globetrotter and a fierce guardian of his city’s musical heritage, Kenny Dixon Jr. AKA Moodymann is a hard man to lure out of Detroit. An ever-illusive producer, DJ and rollerskating enigma, Moodymann has gained legendary status across Europe following a career of genre-defining releases on Planet E, Peacefrog and his own imprint: KDJ Records. A character like no […]

A series of articles in collaboration with In This Thread  highlighting some of the finest music threads from their avid group of music lovers. Our third instalment takes us into the morning hours of the day; showcasing the best morning funk and soul music to ease you into the day. Whether it’s timeless numbers from Sylvia Striplin, African soul […]

For the uninitiated, Death Grips are a Hip Hop trio comprised of vocalist MC Ride, and Zach Hill and Flatlander on production. The group released their first mixtape Exmilitary in 2011 and have subsequently released an impressive seven albums. Describing Death Grips as a Hip Hop group, which I have, is criminally reductive. The music […]

A series of articles in collaboration with In This Thread  highlighting some of the finest music threads from their avid group of music lovers – Props to ITT member Ben Scheepers for the thread idea! Whether your daily drive is five minutes or fifty minutes – at some point or another everybody experiences that golden occasion of parking up at […]

We’re back and in collaboration this week! Two of our crate diggers, Tom Lye & Josh Aitman, have teamed up to bring you the best bargains they can find around Liverpool & Sheffield. From Oxfam to 3B Records, we’ve got a fine selection for you along with a 30 minute mix to sweeten the deal. Tuck […]

Al Zanders aka Alex Buchan has been turning heads for the last couple of years. Hailing from London, Alex moved up north for university and immediately got involved in the Sheffield scene. Running parties and playing records as a resident at Banana Hill, Alex has begun producing his own tracks and is quickly building up a great discography. His releases […]

Here are some recent releases that are hitting the record bag sharpish! Future Society: Curated by Seven Davis Jr. (R2 Records) This 10 track compilation of selected tracks by Seven Davis Jr. goes straight into the bag. Songs range from neo-soul with Clark & The Community’s Jesus & The Stormtroopers to afro-house with Cervo’s Oshala. Released […]

Simba’s fantastic deput E.P. has just been released on Shadeleaf Music. After being debuted on radio by label head honcho, thatmanmonkz, we thought we’d go through each track and pick apart every subtle detail. Simba makes an immediate statement of intent with his opening track, Make You Move (Pressure) featuring the talented vocalist J Gordon whose ‘yeah yeah […]

Introducing the Roots & influences series. A weekly mix showcasing the music driving and inspiring some of Melodic Distraction’s favourite artists and DJ’s. We are honoured to welcome Fred Holt, organiser of Bristol-based club night Playback. A fresh series of parties showcasing new talents in the house music scene recently with recent guests including FYI Chris and […]

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