New Wax

Prince Street Record Forum are back for their second edition of the Melodic Distraction New Wax! If you’re yet to get in the know, PSRF is a pop-up record store and mail order distributor based in Liverpool. Fresh on the scene, and packing serious heat into a couple lil crates, the burgeoning Liverpool record seller brings in […]

It’s good to be back! After a small hiatus, our monthly New Wax feature returns…this time, for good. With Record Store Day looming its mammoth presence over the month once again, we’ve tried our very best to steer clear of specific RSD releases (with a few guilty exceptions!)  A more focused issue of New Wax […]

With the bulk of January out of the way, we can finally look forward to that end of the month paycheck. Before it quickly disappears, get your chops into this month’s newest vinyl delights! With the amount of good wax on the way this month and next, there’s slim chance your  bank balance will remain […]

Every few weeks we sift through our favourite new releases and bring you a comprehensive overview of the best records being put out across a broad range of genres. Our aim? To ensure all our readers have something new to enjoy each time… 2017 has already played host to some huge releases, whether that be in the UK […]

New Year, New Wax.  With a rare soul reissue on Floating Points’ acclaimed Melodies International and a six LP Ron Trent compilation out, this month’s issue of New Wax has our wallets feeling much, much lighter.  With labels the likes of Rush Hour, Ninja Tune and Madlib Invazion coming through strong this January, our man Jaxon Eastabrook […]

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