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Taking us down a meandering river of sound, Familiar Circles bring the locked-down house grooves to our airwaves.  Traversing everything from dancefloor-ready drivers to floaty ambient cuts, the team will be bringing something different every month…and be sure to keep your ears to the ground for the occasional special guest… Familiar Circles are out to bring […]

2 hours of music from across the board. Tune in each month as founders of Melodic Distraction, James Zaremba and Josh Aitman, play the music that is making their collections each month. Whether it be funk, soul, hip hop or more ambient electronic music, there are no genre boundaries on this show… After 2 years […]

As hip hop groups go, A Tribe Called Quest truly defined the East Coast’s Afro-centric style. 18 years since their last release during which time we mourned the tragic death of Phife, the 5 Foot Assassin, the Tribe are back as fresh and socially relevant as ever with We got it from Here…Thank You 4 Your […]

Neo soul has been on the rise for a few years now; names like The Weeknd have taken the genre to the forefront of popular music and more and more artists are experimenting with the genre. However, as a champion of this genre, the artist’s name on everyone’s lips is Frank Ocean – a man who clearly refuses to be defined […]

Making a list of just ten songs for one of the greatest recording artists of all time is tricky… especially when he has released 37 original albums. Legendary tracks have gone without mention and some of you may be offended by their omission, but I make no claim of being objective. In no particular order, […]

Introducing the Roots & influences series. A weekly mix showcasing the music driving and inspiring some of Melodic Distraction’s favourite artists and DJ’s. We are honoured to welcome Fred Holt, organiser of Bristol-based club night Playback. A fresh series of parties showcasing new talents in the house music scene recently with recent guests including FYI Chris and […]

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