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Constellations, We Love Ya! Check Out Their Boss Kickstarter

Written by on 17th August 2018

‘Tis the Season💚 The wonderful heads behind Constellations have launched a Kickstarter!


303 at Constellations earlier this month

After the news broke that they were shutting up shop at the end of 2019, we were pretty down. It’s the very spot where Melodic Distraction was born…in the form of a party run by two doughy eyed students and a bunch of their close friends. We’ve had our musical heroes play within those walls; Hackman, Roy Davis Jr, Andy Hart, FOUK, Damiano von Erckert, Dego and the inspiringly talented, Jayda G…Among so many others…

But it’s not about the bricks and mortar, the folks inside are the ones who really make a difference. The support from this lot has been immense. From the management team, to the bar staff and our favourite soul of them all, Kev, who is never without a smile…we couldn’t think of a better bunch of people to get behind.



Over the past four years, Constellations has been a (get ready for cliche venue description) hub of culture, music, art, business and community in Liverpool. It sounds banal in this day-an-age to describe any music venue as such but we really mean it. Where else are you going to get a club night, followed by brunch, a demijohn workshop (look it up), life drawing, toddlers rave and general all round merriment in one freakin’ weekend!? Constellations truly is accepting of all people, no matter what ticks your box, there’s an event or individual at the top of Greenland Street for you to connect with.

So here’s the score…you need to check out their new gaff, Hinterlands. It’s mahoosive and is exactly the type of event space Liverpool needs. We can’t wait for all the cultural, bizness and musical happenings that will be going down there. It’s not open on a day-to-day vibe like Constellations is, it’s a private space, open only for events. For us, this makes it truly special. A location that is completely private, an oasis that can be turned into anything you want it to be; a space for parties, live music, conferences, brand collabs and even gettin’ hitched. 


Hinterlands in the summer sun.


For now, they need your help to finish the build on Hinterlands! It’s almost there, but they need that last blast to help them over the line. £60k is the target and we can’t think of a better way to get involved than this pledge right here…The Golden Ticket.

A true testament to the collaborative attitude of Liverpool’s grassroots music venues, especially when faced with adversity; no less than three separate venues have stepped up and offered the Constellations team an incredible pledge reward. Gezzie list to an entire year’s worth of events at Invisible Wind Factory, 24 Kitchen Street, Meraki and of course, Constellations and Hinterlands. We’re made up to see such a collab go down, and we’re pretty sure this is a first for the city of Liverpool.

In recognition of this effort, we’re issuing a special edition of the events guide we put out every month…one that details all of our favourite events coming up over the next year at the participating venues mentioned above. Check it out below and the cop yo self one of just 9 remaining tix.


24 Kitchen Street


24 Kitchen Street yard at Baltic Weekender

Hot Plate presents: Mala (21st September, 2018)

The Golden Ticket activates on 15th September, 2018 and runs until 15th September, 2019. Why not throw yourself into the deep end with two hours of music from one of dance music’s greatest pioneers.

The DEEP MEDI record label boss, a one-time youth worker and arguably dubstep’s most famous name, Mala is just as accustomed to playing headline festival stages as he is the intimate surroundings of 24 Kitchen Street. Catch him for a rare intimate performance. Front left? See ya there, kid!

Boogaloo 3rd Birthday w, Ata Kak (Live), Jamie Tiller & Esa (19th October, 2018)

Party starters BOOGALOO have gone from strength to strength this year, serving up an eclectic array of talent that throws any notion of genre conformity out of the window.

Fitting then, that their 3rd birthday celebrations be a cornucopia of sound, inviting Nigeria’s Ata Kak, Germany’s Jamie Tiller and South Africa’s Esa to the stage. Expect some colourful vibrations throughout!

Steve Davis & Kavus Torabi (9th November, 2018)

For one night only, 24 Kitchen Street turns into The Crucible for a snooker extravaganza. Lol, just kidding. Did you know that snooker legend Steve Davis is also a killer techno DJ?!

Not only techno but psych, progressive and pretty much everything in between.

Snookerstar DJ incoming…

Invisible Wind Factory


Invisible Wind Factory in full swing for an Abandon Silence party

Immix Ensemble Presents: Kelly Lee Owens & Thomas Gill (20th September, 2018)

Liverpool based group Immix Ensemble and Liverpool Biennial present the world premiere of a new collaborative performance by Kelly Lee Owens and visual artist Thomas Gill.

A one-time performance melding the organic, immersive visuals of Thomas Gill, the dreamy electronic pop of Kelly Lee Owens and the traditional instrumentation of Immix Ensemble.

One to lose yourself in…

BAMBAMBAM & MadNice Marauders present: Portico Quartet (October 11th, 2018)

Mercury Prize nominated Mancunians, Portico Quartet arrive at the Invisible Wind Factory for a live set of jazz, electronica, ambient music and minimalism.

The group have created their own singular, cinematic sound over the course of four albums, from their 2007 debut Knee-Deep in the North Sea to Live/Remix in 2013.

Sly5thAve – Orchestral Tribute to Dr Dre (19th October, 2018)

Grammy Award winning LA super-producer, arranger and composer Sly5thAve brings his critically acclaimed The Invisible Man project to the UK for the first time ever.

This is the original orchestral homage to the mighty Dr. Dre and the best!



Constellations Garden…no more needed to be said on this one…

Big Fish Little Fish – 3rd Birthday Family Rave (14th October, 2018)

World-famous, award-winning, Glastonbury Festival performing, family rave sensation BFLF are back at Constellations for their 3rd birthday party!

Dub Pistols’ Barry Ashworth will be DJ-ing with (grown-up) dance tunes for family raving together on a dancefloor with confetti cannons, bubbles, giant balloons and our awesome parachute dance finale.

The World Transformed (22nd – 25th September, 2018)

The World Transformed 2018 is a 4-day politics, arts and music festival running alongside the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool, working to build left power both inside and outside of Parliament.

Alongside political talks and workshops, The World Transformed 2018 will also host a five a side football tournament, radical walking tours across Liverpool and class war-games, as well as an immersive, city wide cultural programme featuring two 800 capacity parties, day time DJ sets, participatory theatre and guerilla projections across Liverpool.



Meraki. Intimate cap parties with some of the best DJs in the world; think Moodymann, Josey Rebelle and Baba Stiltz…

Baba Stiltz – Extended Set (28th September 2018)

Brought to you by the minds behind Boogaloo and The Wonder Pot, Swedish producer and DJ extraordinaire, Baba Stiltz makes his long awaited Liverpool debut.

Having hosted Moodymann, DJ Boring, Josey Rebelle and many others over the past year, Meraki has gone from strength to strength as a venue with its schedule informed by some of the most cutting edge artists around.


Also huge P.S. Constellations may be closing at the end of 2019. But might we remind you that this bloody miles away. There’s no point being despondent about this shit, there are still SO many great events to come out of this place. The way we see it, it’s our duty to get reeet behind them and;

1. Buy yo motherfuckin’ tickets in advance (talking to you, Liverpool!)

2. Celebrate, shout about and again…celebrate how great this place is. Seriously.

3. Tell a friend. (As if they don’t already know.)



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