Don’t Look Now with Mark Forshaw (December ’17)

Written by on 31st December 2017

Based in Sheffield, Don’t Look Now exists to bring sounds from the peripheries of electronic music to intimate dance floors across the city as well as further afield. Although loosely residing within the field of techno, they have had a diverse range of past guests including Anthony Naples, Beneath, Karen Gwyer, Jon K, Trevino and Volte-Face to name a few. 

Resident DJs Nomadic and Deburgh have journeyed across the Pennines to the Melodic Distraction HQ to bring you two hours worth of music from across the dance music spectrum as well as a few weirder numbers and surprises thrown into the mix. Expect a range of ambient, dub, industrial, techno, electro and everything in between!

This month DLN are joined by previous guest and local lad Mark Forshaw who provides a guest mix for the last hour. Having playing in Sheffield for them last year it seemed right to bring him in for a show. Don’t Look Now recently invited Intergalactic Gary to The Harley and are playing at Hope Works for New Years Eve.


Lewis Fautzi – Diagonal [Figure, 2014]

Oscar Mulero – Paris Rexas [Semantic Records, 2009]

Henning Baer – The Last Quarter [Manhigh, 2016]

Tadeo – The Labyrinth [Token, 2017]

Gavin Russom – Night Sky (Mutant Beat Dance Adjustment) [DFA, 2011]

Delta Funktionen – Target [Delsin, 2012]

LFO – Syndrome [Warp Records, 1991]

Perc – Rat Run (Matrixxman Remix) [Perc Trax, 2017]

Bad Cop Bad Cop – Life On Stage [Pomelo, 2011]

Oneiric – Virtual Vision [Mystic Records, 1992]

Forest Drive West – Static [Levity Sound, 2017]

Volruptus – Time Travel [трип, 2017]

Jensen Interceptor – Not Phased [Central Processing Unit, 2017]

Privacy – Always On [Lobster Theremin, 2014]

Octo Octa – Adrift (Dorisburg Remix) [HNYTRX, 2017]

Perc – Wax Apple (Lucy Remix) [Perc Trax, 2017]

Bob Holroyd – African Drug (Original Mix) [BHV, 1994]

Planetary Assault Systems – Temporary Suspension (Slam Rework 2) [Mote-Evolver, 2017]

Those Guys – An American Poem (Jus Ras) [Basement Boys Records, 2001]

Steve Bicknell – The Moment I Stopped [6dimensions, 2016]

Jann – Murder People [Pinkman, 2017]

Armando – Turn My Shit Up [Trax Records, 1994]

Audion – Against All Odds [Spectral Sounds, 2008]

Mike Dehnert – Hain [Fachwerk, 2015]

Cassegrain – Skull Gun (Peder Mannerfelt Remix) [Arcing Seas, 2017]

Binny – Devil’s Orchestra [Tortured Records, 2017]

Hugo Moya – Move [Relief Records, 2005]


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