Trans Pride

Derby Square [Liverpool]

Event info
Date:31st March 2019
Time:1:00 pm
Location:Derby Square
Address: Derby Square, L2 7XS Liverpool

In the year since the idea of a Trans Pride in the Merseyside & Cheshire area was first discussed, there has been a manifold increase in the level of transphobia we as a community face. In the US, the Trump administration has waged war on the LGBT+ community in general & the transgender community in particular. The media in the UK has whipped up hatred against the community with a one-sided campaign of lies & distortions around the consultation for the governments Gender Recognition Act. Locally the LGBT community have had to deal with an ongoing campaign of intolerance from a small group of idiots, who wish to consolidate gender inequalities, rather than challenge those inequalities arm in arm with the majority of feminists.
Their march is a celebration of who we, as a community are – diverse, inclusive & beautiful! It is also a howl of pain at the unprovoked attacks, they have faced over the last 12 months.
LGBT ss a community of all ages, are marching to show the world how proud we are to be transgender & that we will not be bullied or silenced.

Head on down, spread some love, and enjoy your time with a lovely group of people!

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