Forty-Five 45’s To Help You Deal With The 45th President

Written by on 30th January 2017

The orange megalomaniac has risen. All hail Donald of the tribe Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America. 

Living proof that no amount of money can buy you class or integrity, it’s often hard to distinguish what part of Donald Trump instills the most fear. Treating his new-found premiership as an exercise in xenophobic absolutism, “The Donald” has already moved to scrap essential climate change law, build a $15-$25bn wall along the US-Mexico border and bar citizens of seven different countries from entering the United States…All in a week’s work, eh?

In light of these demagogic deeds, a petition to ban the Trump administration from formally visiting the United Kingdom has now hit over a million signatures. But we also have another, more musically minded solution. Forty-five 45RPM records to help the world deal with the 45th president of the United States.

Ranging from 1970’s protest funk to soul music with messages of social liberation in the face of corruption and inequality, these 7″ classics should help guide you through the first, and hopefully last, days of the Trump administration…

Click each image to hear the 45!

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