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Liverpool Music Guide – Autumn 2019

Written by on 27th September 2019

Over the past few weeks we have been busy prepping (what we believe to be) the ultimate guide to the Liverpool music scene over the coming months. With help from our brilliant friend and talented local artist Neil Keating, we have created a beautiful, sleek and super shiny A1 wall planner to stick pride of place in your gaff. 

For those of you who are new to the city, or for those of you who have lived here for yonks and have decided now’s the time to wade knee deep into the pool of vast cultural creativity, keep your eyes extra peeled for a Liverpool autumn music guide. 

This carefully crafted calendar, gives a comprehensive insight into what’s going on in Liverpool, when it’s going on and where to find it. But trust us when we say that the list of events we offer in the calendar is by no means everything. It is difficult to have an idea of exactly what’s happening in your city and it is even more difficult to stumble across the trendy hidden spots if you’ve not had a nod in the right direction. Well, we are that friendly nudge towards the undisclosed and unusual. We want to provide you with an eclectic mix of exhibitions, live music events and club nights for you to experience for the first time and hopefully revisit time and time again. 

All folded down into a neat single pamphlet sized sheet, our autumn music guide features illustrations of some of our favourite local venues, alongside descriptions of their whereabouts and how they operate on a day to day basis. As well as this, we have provided you with our extensive radio show schedule, so you’ll never miss your favourite hosts or shows. 

melodic distraction autumn guide

Each calendar also contains the chance to win a pair of high quality DJ headphones (I know, right!). Simply scan the QR code found on the poster, download the Melodic Distraction Radio app and be automatically entered into the draw.

We know you couldn’t ask for much more than an informative and engaging poster that helps support local businesses, venues and artists, whilst providing you with a pretty wall filler. But, as we have only printed a limited number of 3,000 copies, they will be sure to disappear quicker than Zed Biases USB on a rainy night in South Manchester. So, to keep you covered from occurrences such as this, you can download our wall planner in digital format by clicking the picture below…