Melodic Distraction Premiere: Ilija Rudman – Serpent Slide

Written by on 17th April 2018

Ilija Rudman has been a leading force on the underground disco and house scene for the past 15 years, in both production as well as Djing. His latest release, Paradigma, out 16th April on Imogen Recordings offers a rich blend of blissful balearic boogie that serves well for home listening as-well-as the club.

An eight track album recorded, produced and arranged from True Colours Studio in Zagreb, Ilija touches upon the recording process of Paradigma:

“The recording process for this album was really smooth and I had a great time. The vibes throughout are reflective of this experience – good times with a sophisticated touch. The whole album has a very strong attitude but also maintains a chill vibe.”

An album that works as a complete, start-to-finish listen, it was interesting to find out more about Ilija’s concept for the record:

“The 7 tracks on Paradigma represent the 7 days of a week. The album’s sound is cyclical, perfect for home and club use with production full of love and dedication. It’s got that magic 90’s sound with a musical diapason of funk, soul and deep colours.

What I’ve missed over the past decade have been materials that can make a trademark, something that last and something fresh, but in the same time classic. I hope Paradigma is close to what I’ve imagined it to be.

Ilija Rudman’s, Paradigma, comes out 16th April

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