Melodic Selections: Bathrobeat

Written by on 16th February 2018

Bath. Afrobeat. Bathrobeat. This isn’t your ma’s epsom salt soak though, no, no, no. This is a very particular playlist for a very particular type of bath. Not a Sunday evening post-roast spa, not a fervent Monday morning scramble. Picture the scene: it’s Friday night, the feelings right. You’ve had a long, productive week and you’re ready to dance it all away. Your bag is abandoned by the door, your coat exuberantly cast over the back of the sofa. A steamy hot bath is run, candles are on. A naughty cigarette of some descriptor in one hand, glass of your poison of choice in the other – red vermouth on ice with a slice of orange, ta love. You’re pleasantly pruney, with a brain as bubbly as the water around you (maybe that naughty cigarette helped?) You’ve got approximately 2 hours before you said you’d meet your mates at the Grapes for a night out and this is your feel-good bathrobeat playlist. 

The tunes are as comfortable, warming and as classic as the delights of a warm bath. We’re off on a short tour of the Afrobeat Revolution, with quick pitstops with the inimitable Fela Kuti, Ebo Taylor and Tony Allen before checking in with modern torchbearers Soul Jazz Orchestra, Fanga and Antibalas.

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