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Melodic Selections: Songs for Walking Around Sefton Park Early on a Frosty Morning on Your Own

Written by on 25th March 2018

Early, solitudinous walks in the park, whether a continuation of the night before or a head-clearing stroll before the daily grind kicks in, are an essential part of our private, inner lives. Introspective, coloured with nostalgia and prone to being a little over-sentimental at times (especially if twinned with the aforementioned night before), they’d be even more lonely without a set of headphones.

We’ve got together a little soundtrack that’ll echo the peaks and troughs of your emotional journey around the park. Kicking off with organic, frosty ambient (think: strolling by the top of the Boating Lake) we take a journey that gets a little spooky and dark (walking by the Lover’s Bridge) but ultimately resolves into sparkly, soothing electro-ambient (by the time you reach the Palm House), some comforting old classics (up by the bandstand) thast then teeter into being a little weepy with some acoustic guitar (you’re at the Eros statue now) and then, just as your wrapping up your thoughtful trudge, we’re into the most delicate tickle of a pick-me-up (time to hit Lark Lane for a swift Turkish Breakfast at Medjool…)