Melodic Selections: A Space Voyage Compilation

Written by on 6th March 2017

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Credit: NASA

Last month, reality and science fiction aligned yet again after NASA’s announcement that their $720m Spitzer Space Telescope had discovered the first known system of seven Earth-sized planets orbiting around a single star.  With three of these planets located within what scientists are referring to as a “habitable zone,” there is a chance that at least one of these rocky planets could have liquid water on their surface…the key to life as we know it!

As our universe gets that tiny bit more accessible with every discovery, the possibility of our extra terrestrial fixation is looking ever more realistic…no aliens this time though!

With all this talk of space, it seemed a great idea to put together a playlist of ambient treats that could soundtrack eventual voyages beyond our solar system. With the ability to create cosmic soundscapes, the sonic explorations of these experimental musicians will guide you beyond our planet and out into the universe.

The flawless trip-hop of Portishead and AIM were chosen without question; their highly-experimental  sounds make the listening experience a journey into the unknown. Elsewhere, Project Pablo and Mall Grab’s lo-fi  sound oozes tranquillity, whilst the alien sounds of Flying Lotus’ ‘Do the Astral Plane’ show that there is just as much discovery in music as there is in space. Euphoria is captured in overwhelming quantities with Animal Collective and The Flaming Lips’ contributions, with their psychedelic influences fitting in perfectly with the themes of discovery and mystery. Closing the mix with a vivid aura of serenity, is ‘Untitled 3’ by Sigur Ros, who effortlessly achieves a powerful ending to this playlist.

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Credit: NASA

If it’s hours or light years, here are a few songs that would suit the cosmic experience…

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