Mouvement with CASS, Max Myer and Bob McTigue (December ’17)

Written by on 5th January 2018

Mouvement are the most recent party starters to make tracks in Liverpool, with seven events taking place throughout 2017. Quickly making a name for themselves in the disco and house club scenes, the Mouvement residents CASS, Max Myer and Bob McTigue hold down their own show. 

Having guested on Chris Shennan’s Factotum show, it was about time that the new kids on the block got their own show on MDR. Pushing through boogie, nu-disco and the odd classic tune, the Mouvement crew hold down a monthly two-hour show.

Check their upcoming party with 80’s Child on January 27th at Constellations. On this months show, the Mouvement residents run through their favourite current disco beats with a special Joey Negro minimix…


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