New Wax #012 (Feb ’17)

Written by on 2nd February 2017

Every few weeks we sift through our favourite new releases and bring you a comprehensive overview of the best records being put out across a broad range of genres. Our aim? To ensure all our readers have something new to enjoy each time…

2017 has already played host to some huge releases, whether that be in the UK hip hop game with Loyle Carner or the electronic scene with another stellar releases from Hidden Spheres – One thing this year is certainly good for is music. Only a month in and we bring you the second edition of new wax for 2017, jam packed full of records from across the board for you to take your pick. Tuck in…

Outro Tempo: Electronic And Contemporary Music From Brazil 1978-1992 [MFM016]

Release: 27th Feb 2017

Music From Memory bring arguably the most sought after repress of the year. As their name suggests, the Amsterdam label focuses on bringing forgotten musical wonders into the present day, with represses that span the entire world. Having re-released the fantastic Joan Biblioni in April 2015, MFM have been digging in the backstreets of Brazil for an eclectic selection of avant-garde Brazilian music. An initial highlight is the timeless obscurity, ‘Kiuá’ by Andréa Daltro but, with at least 15 tracks on the compilation, there’s something for everyone. Nando Carnero’s ‘Luxo Artesanal / O Camponês’ is an uplifting balearic jazz track with disconcertingly distorted saxophone chords and an ethereal Brazilian guitar. Despite being a collection of records from between 1978-92, many of them have a lot in common with more familiar sounds based in the Northern hemisphere, with ‘Os Mulheres Negras’ reminiscent of early Sheffield bleep.

Head over to Rush Hour Records to preorder your copy.

By & Bye – Hidden Spheres [Lobster Theremin] 

Release: 10th Feb 2017

Hidden Spheres is back on Distant Hawaii with another release for the Lobster Theremin sub-label. Since dropping his debut EP on Distant Hawaii in 2015, Hidden Spheres has released on Rhythm International, Moods & Grooves, and Dabit Records but now he’s back for the label’s seventh release. If label names were anything to go by, Distant Hawaii does what it says on the tin. By & Bye is a return to the chilled out niceness that the Manchester producer is known for.

The EP begins with ‘~~~~~~’, a scattered percussive track with interjecting flute melodies setting a beautiful scene for the audience as the occasional stab of a jazz piano provides movement throughout the track. In many ways, the track names reflect the music behind them, with ‘Beachy’, a soothing house tune that transports the audience to the seashore, with hissing hi hats laid over the top of the ebb and flow of multiple synth fades. The title track is a meandering record stuck in the middle of two slightly higher tempo ones. A definite intermission as ‘Movin’s’ deep house cut ends the EP on a high, with similar instrumentation to the previous track being used in a more energetic manner.

Head over to the Lobster Theremin Bandcamp page to preorder your copy.

The Creator EP – Z Lovecraft (No Bad Days)

Released: 10th February 2017

Working behind the counter at YAM Records, Z Lovecraft knows a thing or two about records. With this release on No Bad Days, the Rhythm Section affiliate brings us a dubbed out electro record. The title track is a deep house cut with gorgeous chords and a elevating bassline melody whilst ‘Myriad’ brings an ambient soundscape interjected by stabbing synth melodies. ’99 Pence Bargain Dub’ is anything but; a jittery percussive track that seems to bounce throughout. ‘Sentimental Apathy’ provides an introspective breathe of fresh air and ‘A Question of Consciousness’ continues on a calm tip with a jazzy hip-hop beat intermittent with scratch samples.

The third release on No Bad Days, after releases by Selvy and Roberto, has been gaining attention from the likes of Bradley Zero, Ichisan and the Dirt Crew family. This well rounded EP from Z Lovecraft is available to preorder on in all good record stores.

Head over to No Bad Days’ Bandcamp to preorder your copy.

Gabriele Poso presents The Language of Tambores (BBE Music)

Release: 27th January 2017

The Sardinian alternative-jazz star drops in on BBE Music with a compilation focused on his fascination for percussion. Having studied at the Timba school in Rome, he moved to Cuba and later Puerto Rico, where he began collaborating with the producer Osunlade. The Language of Tambores is a concise collection of tracks emphasising the communicative aspect of percussion.

With tracks that span continents and genres, Poso has brought together a fantastic array, beginning with the spoken word of Malika B on ‘Injection of Blackness’. Free Association, known for their time at The Jazz Cafe in London, provide us with ‘Polyrhythm Jizm’, a vast collection of soft percussive instrumentation whilst later in the compilation, Poso provides us one of his own creations, ‘Cafe de Ochun’. This fascination with percussion is contagious on tracks like ‘Tembandumba’ by Totó La Momposina where the power and breadth of the drums emphasises and underlines the vocals.

There is a clear connection with ancestry on this release, with BBE providing an insight into the ever elusive genre of non-commercial spiritual jazz. The Language of Tambores was released on 27th January 2017 on BBE Music.

Head over to the BBE Music site for your copy.

Focus – Zulu [Crown Ruler]

Release: 3rd Feb 2017

This reissue comes to us via Melbourne’s acclaimed purveyors of fine music, Crown Ruler. Originally released in 1980’s Johannesburg as a six track album, the repress provides us with three of these hidden gems; ‘Hay-Hay’, ‘Rock Batlanga’ and ‘Moger’. On the A side, ‘Hay-Hay’ is more club focused whereas the sounds on the flip are well constructed slow burners. It is not known if this album has ever been pressed to vinyl but this reissue is mastered from an original copy of the cassette tape. The music, a South African take on popular American music sweeping the world at that time, is a nice blend of funk, disco, soul and electro, with buzzing synth riffs and energetic drums. Focus hits the shelves on the 4th of February. Preorder is highly recommended on this one.

Head over to Piccadilly Records to purchase your copy.

Tornado Wallace – Lonely Planet [Running Back]

Release 27th Jan 2017

From Gerd Jansen’s label Running Back, Tornado Wallace, the Berlin based Melbourne native, brings us his first full length release. Known for belters such as ‘Kookaburra’ and ‘Kakadu’, in this album Wallace moves away from a dance floor approach and takes a more left field angle, fusing soundscapes of ital0 disco, ambient and house. A highlight track is ‘Today’, which features another Melbourne native, Sui Zhen. This track takes a new wave flavour, with drum and guitar work reminiscent of Talking Heads. The record was written over four years in both Berlin and Melbourne and shows Wallace’s versatility in the production game, amalgamating a range of sounds and vibes to create an interesting yet fluid head nodder.

Head over to Juno to grab your copy.

Folamour – Shakkei [All City Records]

Release 9th Jan 2017

The Frenchman Folamour has been absolutely sweating out releases over 2016 and early 2017, with another release, ‘Alerte A Babylon’, coming out on his own label For Heavens Use Only. This time, on Irish label All City Records, he gives us a dose of his signature deep house and disco fusion. The title track is a lovely piano jam which builds through sparse hats whilst the B side begins with ‘Maybe I Did Burn Ya Place’, a fairly dense percussive track with a droning vocal layered underneath. ‘Each Day Is A First Day’ closes out the EP with fast paced hard hitting kicks pulling the track along with sampled sax work and a feel good vocal. Folamour’s releases are becoming more and more sought after and this one is already set for a repress.

Head over to Juno to purchase your copy. 

Cottam – Edits [Ele Records]

Release: January 31st 2017

The first release on the mysterious Ele Records, Cottam brings us two interesting house tunes fusing disco, latin and afrobeat vibes. With his trademark Cottam sound, the tracks are sample heavy and slower paced, providing a more sensual and relaxing feel. The opening track shares its name with an old Joe Claussell and Kerri Chandler track on Ibadan, and, though not quite as epic as the latter, it reuses the sample to good effect, though slower with a shuffling kick pattern. The B-Side ‘Nana Love Dub’ is a more club focused track. The kick hits harder and the bassline swings through underneath, while sampled sirens, horns and guitar turn this into a real funky hip-swinger.

Head over to Juno to grab your copy. 

Glenn Underground – Afro Gente/ Fuego De Sangre [Strictly Jazz Unit]

Release: 3rd Feb 2017

One of the forefathers of house music and a legend in the Chicago scene, Glenn Underground gifts us with the highly anticipated re-release of his extended jazz-house killer, ‘Afro-Gente’. Working his way through every electronic jazz related instrument in the book, Glenn jams hard on this 10-minute track, pulling as much flavour from each instrument as possible, experimenting with their jazz capabilities all underlaid by dense and speedy african based percussion. Just wait until you get five minutes in, your card will be out of your wallet before you even know it

While the previous press of ‘Afro Gente’ lay back-to-back with his acid based classic, ‘I Feel Love’, B-side priorities on this Strictly Jazz Unit release go to ‘Fuego De Sangre’ making for two powerful and percussive contemporary Latin fusion classics.

Head over to Phonica Records to purchase your copy.

Duke HUGHPoly Valence EP (La Freund Recordings)

Released: 30th Jan 2017

Following a phenomenal album on Bradley Zero’s Rhythm Section last year, Duke Hugh is back with a brand new EP on La Freund Recordings. Jam packed with off-beat funk enthralled rhythms, his latest outing certainly comes across moodier than previous endeavours, calling on deep synth elements to create a showcase of minimal jams for all but one of the tracks on board…

Sticking out like the sore thumb you’ve sat patiently waiting for, Duke Hugh’s final track does it for us. With it’s killer piano jams and sultry but ruthless undercutting grooves, which quickly interchange with ambient pedal notes, ‘DTO’ is a true a master craft for the man. Continuing his journey through music, Bradley Zero gave wind of Duke’s latest release hitting the label ‘Music of Colour’, currently unbeknown to us on, NTS a few days back. We can certainly look forward to that one!

Head over to Juno to purchase your copy.

Today is the Day – Ken Frazelle (Athens of the North)

Release: 30th Jan 2017

Athens of the North are consistently coming in with the fire as they push out their newest repress. Taking things strictly disco, the repress label from Edinburgh put Ken Frazelle in the spotlight with his party-centric, feel-good number, ‘Today Is The Day’. Originating on North Carolinian Funk and Soul Label, Chocolate Cholly’s, Frazelle’s initial boogie pressing is going for over £150 on discogs making this re-release a much deserved rest on our pockets. We’d heavily advise you act fast on this one, as like with all AOTN editions, blind purchasing is becoming a thing. This one won’t be around for long…

Head over to Juno to purchase your copy.

Loyle Carner – Yesterday’s Gone [AMF Records]

Released: 20th Jan

Benjamin Coyle-Larner, known to most as Loyle Carner hits 2017 running with his debut album ‘Yesterday’s Gone’ pushing the hip hop movement in a new direction as he breaks the boundaries of the UK scene. The twelve song (plus three skits) album is carefully crafted to breathe subtle creativity and includes his singles: ‘The Isle of Arran’ and ‘Ain’t Nothing Changed’.

A collection of well thought out ideas that flow together to create a fluid journey, Loyle Carner draws on many influences including jazz and at many points gospel choir formations. His initial EP along with the newly released album set the young rapper up for a big 2017 as all eyes fall on his path.

Head over to the Loyle Carner site to purchase your copy.

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