Outer Banks with Al English (October ’17)

Written by on 3rd November 2017

Al English is a DJ, musician & record collector based in Liverpool and we’re delighted that he joins for a new monthly show on Melodic Distraction, entitled Outer Banks.

You can expect his monthly shows to feature Swedish progg, Polish jazz, German kosmische, Spanish ambient, Italo disco, UK library music or none of the above. As artist manager for Mute Records, Al has his finger on the musical pulse, unearthing and helping new and emerging artists.

His show will feature all sorts of moods and tempos, acquired whilst digging in flea markets and record stores the world over. In this edition Al delves into his collection in search of Polish gems following his trip to Unsound Festival last month…


Kulpowicz Featuring Niemen – Song For Harprit
Orkiestra Ósmego Dnia – Spadanie / Brzeg
Omni – Vide Supra
Czesław Niemen – Sen Srebrny Salomei (Parts 1-7)
Edward Sielicki – Paralipomenon For Tape
Up Stream – Wichrowe Namiętności
Sławomir Kulpowicz – Lokas
Osjan – Towards The Shadow
Orkiestra Ósmego Dnia – Cień
Andrzej Mitan – Birds 2
Tomasz Stańko – Fat Belly Ellie
Arp Life – Adolfino Tango
Anawa – Abyś Czuł
Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski – Cytat Z Samego Siebie
Jazz Carriers – Szara Kolęda
Andrzej Przybielski – On
Marek Biliński – Gorące Lato
Laboratorium – Lady Rolland
Czerwone Gitary – Coda
Czesław Niemen – Mleczna Droga

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