Partial Facsimile: Thought Provoking 3D Sound Experience Comes to Liverpool

Written by on 17th September 2019

An exciting blend of visual and sonic stimulation arrives in Liverpool at Constellations this month. Brighton and Berlin based surround sound and visual art collective, Partial Facsimile, bring an unusual auditory experience in the form of their first fully composed concept album ‘MEDIA OS 5.1is’.

Specialising in research-based projects, film soundtracks and site-specific performances, Partial Facsimile offer a sensory stimulating, digital experience. The concept album will be played through a 5.1 surround sound system, creating a totally immersive soundscape for the audience. In harmony with the sounds experienced from the album, the audience will be taken on a journey through the hustle and bustle of a London tube commute. A difficult ride that offers tales of societal deterioration and modern day dysfunction, concerning global warming, fake news and social media consumption to name but a few. 

The 10 bespoke films that provide the visuals, specifically developed for each composition and informed by the lyrical content of each piece, help to tell stories of current political crisis. The filmmakers hail from various countries including Chile, Bulgaria, Hungary, Norway, Italy and the UK and use an eclectic mix of production methods to generate the visually overstimulating feature film. Matched by the captivating sounds of the album, this sensory overload uses animation, digital coding and motion acting to display a dystopian backdrop to a unique composition. 

With audience immersion playing a key role in this experience, Partial Facsimile allow the audience to interact with the film, using their smartphones and QR-code reader app, which links them to the scientific research behind the work. An element that deliberately contributes to the nights interactive and immersive ambience. 

Support comes from London-based record producer, songwriter, sound engineer, musician, author and DJ, Richard Norris. Best known as a member of electronic dance band The Grid, The Time & Space Machine and Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve. Mr Norris will be playing a LIVE ambient set to the visuals of Blue Carbon from the “Abstractions” series on Group Mind Records, a project of ambient/deep listening/experimental releases focusing on the art of music as a resource for inducing well-being.



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