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A Mind Forever Voyaging (September ’18)


ASOK returns after a radio hiatus with his brand new show on Melodic Distraction Radio. Packed full of patterns, breaks and off kilter beats, the new show explores the experiential sides of dance and electronic music.

The monthly show, A Mind Forever Voyaging, titled after his album released on Creme Organisation, showcases the multitude of rhythmics that direct the ASOK moniker and place him as one of Liverpool’s most technical producers. A diverse selector, ASOK’s sets continually offer the unexpected and lead him to play some of the worlds most respected clubs and festivals. Expect to be challenged but consumed as he explores all things unreleased, unpredictable and unknown.

On this edition, ASOK comes in for a solo show jam packed full of exclusive new material from Djrum, Lobster Theramin and a whole host of other places!



Djrum – Blood In My Mouth
Marie Davidson – The Psychologist (Instrumental)
Delian League – Orbitals
Jensen Interceptor – Drive Shift (The Hacker Remix)
Bruce – Eon
The Magrebahn – Monster VIP
Throwing Snow – V
Soundbwoy Killa – Abra Cadabra
Doctor Jeep – Vault Of Glass
Kenneth Scott – The Future We Must Live In Now Forever
Delikwe – African
Delian League – Victim
Pris – Leech
ASOK – All Alone
Shamos – Unusual Pictures
Etch – Snells Law
Hornsey Hardcore – The Wiz
The Magrebahn – Eddies (Batu Remix)
Local Group – Rampage
Foul Play – Open Your Mind (Tango Remix)
Outer Heaven – Untitled Jungle
Chrissy – 2cl Fridays
Kuzma Pulkin – Garbage Truck
?? – From Pillar To Post
Cj Bolland – Catharsis

Etch – Shine On (Zero Gravity Mix)
Textasy – The Dawgs
Nadia Khan – Sunburnt

A Mind Forever Voyaging

Patterns, breaks & unreleased beats

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