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Across The Board (January ’19)

Rich Furness

Across The Board sees Rich Furness’ eclectic tastes cover all spectrums of dance music including techno, grime, jungle, garage, UK bass, disco and gabber, as well as some alien genres probably yet to be named.

Rich Furness is a long standing veteran of the Liverpool dance music scene, and is most well-known for his residencies at Chibuku Shake Shake and Abandon Silence, where he has warmed up for a whole host of international DJ’s and live acts, as well as DJing at institutions such as Fabric, Warehouse Project, Creamfields, Parklife and many more over the years.



Pearson Sound – Earwig
Sirisimo – Ego
Jam City – Sky
Lee Gamble – Ignition Lockoff
Bruce – Ore
Bstu – Tuff Cookie
Tsvi – Mesmerise
Kamixlo – Lariat
Ken Finger – Tongue Under A Hammer
Ken Finger – From Telly To Belly
Toma Kami – Land Of The Insane
Lueke – Champion
Lueke – Zonck
Ken Finger – Thanks For Those
Chekov – Rotlitch
Call Super – Mount Grace
Lamont – Dope
Piezo – Rash
Ploy – Ramos
Hugo Massien – Alien Shapes
Airhead – Clatter
Lamont – Xix
Laksa – Delicates
Beneath – Cloudy
Martyn – Nya
Ken Finger – Bury The Beds
Anna Morgan – Super Bad Bish
Airhead – Droplit
Hugo Massien – Where Your Body Begins
De-Bons-En-Pierre – Seul Comme Sombre
Scratcha Dva – Drmtrk 4
Ron Morelli – Laugh Taker
Soundboy Killah – Come My Selector
Scalameria – Dazzling Grim
Broken Haze – Backfire
Defekt – Mg1
Aqxdm – Aegis
Djrum – Sex
Demdike Stare – Caps Have Gone
Scratcha Vs Gage – Piffd
Randomer – Van Pelt
Asok – To Think I Hesitated
Aqxdm – Ballad 002
Blasto – Gangsta
Afx – Elephant Song
Elijah – Alert
M Philiipe- Salt
DJ Oversode – Comfort Killer
Ozwald – Run It
Jock Club – Locked Out
Blasto – Mentasm Madness
Scratcha – Drmtrk (Tribute 2dbn)
Le Dome – Blossom
Lukes Anger – Lyns Track
Holy Similaun – Nerthus

Across The Board

From soul to gabber in one sitting

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