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Almost Grown (November ’20)

Test Press and Charlie McKay

Almost Grown is an outlet shared by a group of close friends to express their tastes in music, especially within the realms of electronic sound. 

Run by the same group who bring you the Slip Disc parties, their show is an extension of the music they wish to showcase and discuss. Beyond this it is a platform where musical styles can be explored without the constraints of a club setting. The name Almost Grown stems from the shared experiences through childhood and adolescence to the cusp of adulthood they have all arrived together at. That paired with a stunning track by The System. 

This month, Test Press brings Charlie McKay along for his radio debut. All the best in broken, textural and leftfield sounds.


Kaiji – ??
Call Super – Every Mouth Tooth Missing
Albino Sound – Hand Brewed (forthcoming Turnend)
Amir Alexander – Globus
HUL – Night of the Hunter
LCY – Milan
Pizzabiy – No Affection
Object Blue& TSVI – Syntax
Bakango – Grainy
John T Gast – Kings X (extended mix)
rRoxymore – Price of Highest Consciousness
Toxe – Maybe Tomorrow
Delay Grounds – Platter
Log – Log b

Almost Grown

Homegrown sounds from way-back friends

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