Altered Voltage (April ’18)

All Trades & Paxman


Altered Voltage is a brand new collective based in Liverpool, headed by All Trades, that looks set to bring the best electro and breakbeat to Merseyside.

Having guested on Transport For London and Don’t Look Now shows in the past, All Trades joins us now with his very own show. Two hours of brand new electro and acid techno, with some forthcoming and unreleased bits thrown in for good measure.

Ahead of the first Altered Voltage party taking place at Grow Tottenham in May, check out this months show, which features a guest mix from Loose Lips affiliate Paxman. The Manchester producer and DJ has releases on Trapped Audio Records with a monthly slot on Limbo Radio.


Bass Junkie – Low Frequency Fugitive
DJ Seinfeld – Sakura
Look Like – Amnesia
Hits Only – Trion 4
Anthony Rother – Don’t Stop The Beat
DJ Technician – Je Weet Toch
Mayeul & JKS – Sutton Hoo Artefacts
Thomas P Heckmann – Provide The Future
The Mover – Shadow Deception
Helmscale – Analogue Audio Session
Person of Interest – Washed Up
Jensen Interceptor – Battery Assault
Tysk Raider – FE Acid Jam
Ed Chamberlain- Porker
Aquarian – Obsidian (Randomer Remix)
Robert Hood // Floorplan – Never Grow Old
Kronos Device – Rogue Program

Paul Blackford – Raw Deal
Datach’i – Omni 2
Daed – Pulse Lunar
Croft – With Shadows of Ghosts
Lewski – Occultation
Textasy – Don’t Let Me Be Your Fantasy
Textasy – Eternal Gurn (Manik Piano Edit)
N.W.A. – Straight Outta Compton (Chris Moss Edit)
Ged – Disappear
Ceephax Acid Crew – Dennis Weaver Acid
Anthony Rother – G.E (Miami Edit)
Radioactive Man – Growl
Clatterbox – Hibernation
Trackermatte – Triangular Expander
Luke Eargoggle – She Was Electric

Altered Voltage

The best electro & breakbeat in Merseyside

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