Archetype (June ’18)



Subcora joins MDR on a voyage of sound. She’s taking us through deep, groovy house with jazz influences and afro-tinged edges.

Juggling work as an academic with her love of DJing, Subcora has deservedly risen through the ranks to become a prolific Soundcloud DJ. Guesting on various podcasts and shows, she’s honed her craft with dedication, hard-work and deep, deep digging. She might’ve only arrived in Liverpool last autumn, but Subcora has made waves ever since. She joined MDR on International Women’s Day, guesting on the Moritz show and before too long she had joined ranks with MaschinenFunk. Catch her tearing up town, with sets at Africa Oyé and Rat Alley, or tune into her new monthly show on the Melodic Distraction broadcast.

On her debut show, Subcora takes us on a whirlwind tour of her collection, featuring old classics and underground finds, with a couple of cuts from loved ones sprinkled in there for good measure.


Rampue – Somebody Like You feat. The Feather Man
Alejandro Castelli – Natur feat. Nu (Just Emma remix)
Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On (Acid Pauli Remix)
Viken Arman – Aragatz (Iorie Remix)
Tuğçe Kurtiş – Yıldızların Altında (Anatolian Sessions Remix)
David August – Epikur
Midas 104 – Humming Top (Madmotormiquel & Sascha Cawa Remix)
Jose Manual – Bangalore (Original Mix)
Ole Biege – Justus (Original Mix)
Boddhi Satva – Belma Belma feat. Maalem Hammam (Cuebur & Vanco Remix)
Pablo Fierro – Baobab
Zakir- Save the Children (David Mayer Remix)
Space Dimension Controller- Down in Sector H
Nicone -Cause I Want You (SIS Remix)
St Germain-Rose Rouge
Rafaele Castiglione – Open City-2
Nice Stojan- After The Hour (Lake People Remix)
Roosevelt- Moving On (Andhim Remix)
DJ Koze- XTC
Schlepp Geist-Urban Camouflage (Original Mix)
Noraj Cue- Story At The Campfire (Mira & Chris Schwarzwa lder Remix)
KMLN, Mian-Sabilu (feat. Mian)
Yarni- Avaz
Nicolas Jaar, Will Epstein, Dave Harrington & Ian Sims- Ishmael


A voyage into percussive rhythms and deep house

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