Astral (February ’19)

Guest Show


Astral bring their cutting edge sound to Melodic Distraction. Providing wonderful and weird dance music, they decide to crank it up to eleven.

Situated at the docks of Liverpool city, Astral have been developing an impressive following for the past six months. Continuing to develop, they have exposed many a mind to the new sounds of dance music.

Cutting no corners and shaking off the norm of dance music ahead of their event in April, we welcome them into our studio to showcase a plethora of sounds that’ll have you hooked.


Ad Bourke – Prelude
Christian Jay 117 – Unknown
Ron Deacon – Phil003
Alec Faloner – Entity005
Chorduroy Music – Looking Back At You
Flying Lotus – Do The Astrl Plane
John Dimas – Purple Park
Unknown Artist – The Sorcerer (Feat Guava)
Unknown Artist – You No Fit Touch Am (Medlar Remix)

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