bakblivv (September ’19)

Guest Mix


bakblivv (Ernest Borowski) is an intermedia artist, DJ, and producer from Poland.

He is highly influenced by postmodern ideas and its blurred boundaries between genres. In his DJ sets he uses sounds to provoke, as well as aiming to reimagine clubbing culture and the authenticity of emotions.

Since 2018, bakblivv has been associated with the Nawia cassette label where he released his first EP. His music has already been broadcast on NOODS Radio, Off Radio Kraków and Kapitał Radio.

|| bakblivv || NAWIA RECORDS ||



Silkbak – Senshi
Odete – Is It Lo
Galen Tipton – Opal Papaya (W/ Toasty)
Eva01 – Earthworm Jim
Cyphr – A Constant Desire To Consume
Shx – Awake
Astrosuka – B3t
Zefgirlclub – Faith In Lies (Isserley Remix)
Lila Tirando A Violeta – Wet Season (Lo Que Queres)
Mrtry – Revenant Twinge Despair
M.E.S.H. – Follow & Mute
Stasya – Companhia
New Fear – Digital Amalgamation (Moke ‘electrized’ Remix)
Whorltooth – Hurdia Victoria
Ariel Zetina – Putamaria W/ Morenexxx
Dinamarca – Holy
Kuthi Jinani – Goldra (Krolik Remix)
Rabit – Straps
Osheyack – Parataxon (Via App Remix)
Galen Tipton – Scream
Gabber Modus Operandi – Padang Galaxxx
John Object – Eu/Youth


Post-modern treats from Poland

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