Born To Roll (July ’18)

Dalema, Venture & Josie


Tune in to the monthly edition of Born To Roll. After years of hardwork, Dalema has locked down his unique sound fusing hip-hop, dubstep, grime, UKG, house and drum & bass.

Through Sessions Faction party’s, studio sessions and radio shows, Dalema & Venture pushed the local bass music scene.  Playing at top events like Chibuku, Eat Your Greens and the Magnet’s infamous nights Me Nan Loves and Basementality placed them as pacemakers in a notorious scene.

Born To Roll showcases Dalema & Venture’s favourite music at present, both old and new, as well as showcasing the local talent that Liverpool has to offer. Expect hip-hop, dubstep and jungle; real UK music. This time they welcome Josie from Spektrum into the studio for a guest mix ahead of their first Born To Roll night down at North Shore Troubadour.. 


Group Home – Livin’ Proof
M.O.P – Roll Call
Edan – Primitive Plus
Skits – Dedication
Has – Nas Is Like
Quando Ouviu O Meu – Samba
Roots Manova – Witness (One Hope)
Gangstarr – Ful Clip
DLA – Nob Ed
Fredy Foxxx – Bumpy Knuckles Baby
Contract killers – The Life Moments
Jenna G – In Love
Mr Joseph – Just Another Day
Markey and Spy – Tapestry
Mutt – The Goods
Mako – Help Each Other
Calibre – Like It Is
Hungry T – Feel me
Arkaki – One
Total Science S.P.Y – Gangsta
OneMind – Pull-up
Icicle – Dreadnaught
War – Subversion
Dub Head – Template
Dalema – VI & XII
T>L – Switches
Version – Beer Money
Edit- Cargo Dub
Benny l – Morse Code
Hyrogliphics – Signal

Born To Roll

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