Bruits (March ’19)

Ben Sleia



Léa Ben Saïd aka Ben Sleia joins us for her musical venture with her own radio show: Bruits. In French, Bruits are the sounds made in radio to simulate elements and materials of reality, and Léa’s reality is very much made of breaks of all kinds, stomping techno and electro.

After moving to Liverpool a few years ago for university, she started getting involved with the music community, primarily as a dancer and a music fan, before getting involved with The Waveform Transmitter and Meraki.

This month, Léa brings a USB full of the tunes that have her dancing this month, featuring some gems from Russia.

|| LÉA ||

Willis Anne – Pray For My Mind
Voiski – ORY FCO
Willis Anne – Binary Emotions
Ostalgie [forthcoming on LAN Berlin] Cygnus [forthcoming on CPU] Ctm [forthcoming on Raw Russian] Sunareht – Saga
Mechatok – All My Time
Quadratschulz – Opportunity Cost
Phillip D Kick – Work That
DJ ДРУГ – Кибер Басс
Gabber Eleganza – Total Football
Starsky and Clutch – Belle Isle Players
Ангелочек – Otrazhenie
Jensen Interceptor – Aqua Lung
4CC [forthcoming] Minimal Violence [forthcoming] Paula Temple [forthcoming Noise Manifesto] No Moon [forthcoming on Craigie Knowes] Desert Sound Colony & Baby Rollen – Beta Burner
Copper Green Sedan – Pedestrian
Sestrica – For The Wrong Reasons
Cygnus [forthcoming on CPU] Thee J Johanz [forthcoming] Octo Octa [forthcoming] Violet – New Visions


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