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Bruits (May ’20)

Ben Sleia & GOAT


Léa Ben Saïd aka Ben Sleia joins us for her musical venture with her own radio show: Bruits. In French, Bruits are the sounds made in radio to simulate elements and materials of reality, and Léa’s reality is very much made of breaks of all kinds, stomping techno and electro.

After moving to Liverpool a few years ago for university, she started getting involved with the music community, primarily as a dancer and a music fan, before getting involved with The Waveform Transmitter and Meraki.

This month Ben Sleia’s plays a party breaks and techno set, with GOAT bringing an ambient guest mix in the second hour.

|| BRUITS || 

M T Hall – Another Kind Of Delirium
Or:la – Grayed Out
Jennifer Walton – Throat Doxx
Jossy Mitsu – Whirl
Local Group – Baby E
Opus III – It’s A Fine Day (Burt Fox Remix)
Borai & Denham Audio – Lucid Dreams
Overmono – iii’s Front
Jabes – Roley Poley
Ploy – Ramos
Ramadanman – Don’t Change For Me
Anz – Cheer Up Love
Special Request – Vortex 150
India Jordan – Rave City
FAUZIA – Progression
Clouds – Dread Networks
Dwarde & Tim Reaper – Untitled
John B – Pressure

Glasplast – Thomas P. Heckmann
Experts – Jan Werner & FX Randomiz
Six Hours – Skirt
7998 – They Live
We Used To Smoke Inside – Ignatz
Conduit 24 – DJ Spooky
Feels Like Summer – Orior
Miss Prism – The Marcia Blaine School for Girls
Terrazzo (feat. Motion Graphics) – Visible Cloaks
Untitled Lvlz – Sunun
In Your Sleep – Wasteland
Heroica (Ambiant Mix) – Baleine 3000
Routine – Future Beat Alliance
Sophistry – Urban Tribe
Kill City – Hybrid
Wash Yourself (Feat. Bass 6) – Automation
Wall Me Do – Carl Stone
The Direct Path – Nonological Forecast
Image of Time – Nobukazu Takemura


Big breaks & no messin' mind-melters

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