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Cartier 4 Everyone (December ’19)

M T HALL, George \m/ and Dead Eddy


C4E started as a free entry night in the Kazimier Garden back in summer ’16, hosting locally overlooked club music enthusiasts (Faux Queens, Alec Tronik) alongside like minds from elsewhere (Taystii, Hesska, Kleft). Since then Cartier’s All-Stars have grown to include an array of producers, performers, artists, DJs and friends all stood in roughly the same spot at roughly the same time.

A shared love for new currents in global club music with a bias towards the progressive remains the raison d’être. C4E Social Functions continue to platform not only these lesser-heard styles, but aim to posit womxn, LGBTQ+ people, and people of colour more front and centre stage as the progenitors of these genres of tomorrow.

Their monthly slot is an exploration of partially-reconstructed club tracks, bootlegs, edits, sound system pop, industrial grime, bassy bangers, anti-bangers and ofc the ambient book-ends… All brought to you with passion, affection, and a serious expression. You are welcome!

This month M T HALL, George \M/ and Dead Eddy fresh from Bidston Observatory are inside on a Domes FM takeover ahead f the Annual Office Christmas Party at the Stockroom. 



God Colony feat. Samirah Raheem – Girls
Ccontrary, deejay f – 22lontr
8ulentina & Foozool – Crazy Kiya Re
ELLES – Zero Hour Contract
DJ Plead – Kirlis
LOFT (Aya) – better lose your composure
Stacey Sexton – Necessary Desire
CCL x Flora FM – Liquify Interference

Philip Glass – The Thin Blue Line (Ost)
Ktl – 120v C
Mica Levi – Under The Skin (Ost)
The Heights Brothers – You Have Got To Laugh….
Word Play – Liquid Sky (Ost)
Gee Mr Tracy – You Make My House Shine
Elevator To Eden – Golden Age
Severed Heads – I Stand On My Head
Absolute Body Control – Final Report
Psycho Drums – Pattern 12
Trax-x – Wave 303
Carlos Peron – Nothing Is True…Part iii
John T. Gast – Angela
Black Seed – Weirdness Of Being
Sabla – Di Lei

Ic3peak – chesiq remix
Anunaku – Forgotten Tales
Rushmore – Moment X
Prylene – Don’t Leave Me Scared (Som Corem)
DJ P – Battered Huawei
??? – ???
Morwell – Eyes on me (Alex Pace Remix)
Swarm Intelligence – Rise of the Machines
2 Flying Stones – Maybe Tomorrow (After Outside Mix)
Ben Aqua – Xeptu
VTSS – Bring The Noize
Shygirl – BB

Cartier 4 Everyone

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