Cartier 4 Everyone (July ’19)

3rd Birthday Special w/ BЯYN

C4E started as a free entry night in the Kazimier Garden back in summer ’16, hosting locally overlooked club music enthusiasts (Faux Queens, Alec Tronik) alongside like minds from elsewhere (Taystii, Hesska, Kleft). Since then Cartier’s All-Stars have grown to include an array of producers, performers, artists, DJs and friends all stood in roughly the same spot at roughly the same time.

A shared love for new currents in global club music with a bias towards the progressive remains the raison d’être. C4E Social Functions continue to platform not only these lesser-heard styles, but aim to posit womxn, LGBTQ+ people, and people of colour more front and centre stage as the progenitors of these genres of tomorrow.

Their monthly slot is an exploration of partially-reconstructed club tracks, bootlegs, edits, sound system pop, industrial grime, bassy bangers, anti-bangers and ofc the ambient book-ends… All brought to you with passion, affection, and a serious expression. You are welcome!

This month grab ya party hats and square of cake because it’s C4E’s 3rd birthday! BЯYN takes the wheel ahead of their party with HDMIRROR this month.



Other Passacaglia – Danny L Harle
Danil Keller – Lazy Ocean Drift
ATB – Gravity
N’bome – Pirate/Hooligan
Hdmirror – Hunter
Pc Music – Hi.Tech
Reptant – Monolith
Loom – Heavy Glow
Dark0 – Heal
Evian Christ – B.Y.M
Dinamarca – Ninaos
HdMirror – See Me There
ATB – Ecstacy
Firaasbeats – Mehdi Fadli Nti (Sbabi Edit)
Dinamarca – Paradiso
Evian Christ – IDC
Skepta – Detox (BBK)
SKY H1 & Ssaliva – Dooms
SCAM – Host
HDMirror – It’s My Turn
Life Sim – Calahort (Warlord Edit)
Amnesia Scanner – Rewild
Farhood – Taghir
Oli XL – Rogue Idiot
Double 99 – Rip Groove
PPK – Resurrection (Space Club Mix)
Ultrameido – YOLO
Furios D – Finish Line
Osheyack & Nahash – Hold Pattern
HDMirror – Turmoil
Yen Tech – Acceleratus
Eva 01- Part 03
HDMirror – Contagion
Pastis & Xavi BCN – E Nomine
HDMirror – Night Surf
Anakta – 5-HT
HDMirror – Point Break
93 Terror Thugz – De1lkan
HDMirror – BOUND
Champa B – The Howler
Dev/Null – Pursuit of Darkness
HDMirror – A Hard Place
Sully – Zero Sum
HDMirror – Current
HDMirror – Channel
Dj Brisk Trixxy – Eye Opener
Rabit/House Of Kenzo/Angel Ho/ Sam Rolfes – Everytime (Edit)
Gabber Modus Operandi – Sangkala II
Le Dom – Side Quest
Cuban Doll – Bankrupt
Duo Penotti – Addicted 2 Rave
Rykt – Thousands
Flohio – SE16 prod. God Colony

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