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Caustic Soda (October ’20)

Melodic Distraction Radio

Caustic Soda is the newest radio project from long standing station chum, Tom Lye. It’s the first venture of his into some sort of legit deejay alias which, having been lingered on for a while, has now finally stuck.

The show will run through contemporary club sounds informed and in conversation with the clubs, labels and artists at the forefront of such spaces. From sludgy dancehall and brash hip hop to rippling proto-jungle and left field techno, Caustic Soda dives headfirst into the pitch key with the haphazardness and risk of any half-decent corrosive substance.

Catch him slinging socially distanced drinks over at Meraki, a club space in the Ten Streets area of North Liverpool, before we all get the chance to safely return to dance floors together for some irl dancing and djing. 



Darkstar – Blurred
Happy Meals – Full Ashram Emerging Theme
ICA Talk – Excerpt from Inside Media: The Sound of Radio To Come
Baby T – We Could Disappear
Karima F – Emma
Pangaea – Aware
An Gleann Dubh – Gliding In The Jungle
Mickey Hart in Bessel Van Der Kolk – Excerpt from The Body Keeps The Score (page 74)
Shamos – Rihyil
Tvii Son – Out of Vogue
Boofy – Rebirth of Gerberdaisy
Via Maris – Toys
Piezo – Xerotonin
Henri Lefebvre – Excerpt from Rhythmanalysis (page 8)
Coco Bryce – Blue Tile Lounge
LNS – Wasp (E-GZR E-Mix)
Cocteau Twins – Cherry Coloured Funk (Otherness Version)

Caustic Soda

Insectoid techno dancehall

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