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There she is! Studio kitty, Lupini, is back with a public face.

Having taken the last six months broadcasting her club-orbiting existential-horror show – Club Dread – as a secret online easter egg with no internet archive, the time for ephemerality is over. The time of internet presence is now.

Lupini is part of the studio furniture at Melodic Distraction Radio. She co-runs a party called ATHE alongside Ben Sleia, that places womxn and artists of colour centre stage in the techno/club/electro/hardcore continuum.  She hosts DJ Workshops for Womxn and has been generously described as an “administrator of the Liverpool music scene.” Lupini holds a monthly radio residency on Netil’s flagship show ‘Kaleidosound.’ There you’ll find a home for gentle, healing, ambient and psychedelic sounds with an “”avant”” or “”experimental”” bent.

Club Dread arrives in this brave new decade with a circular race from ambient to ^club^ back to ambient, all in the space of 60minutes. This time, what with Club Dread on furlow (as all venues right about now) the Maître D’ is on an industry tip. Expect everything smoked out. Think industrial-flavoured dubwise sounds, trap-adjacent downtempo and harsh percussion work.


log(m) and Laraaji – Oregano in Dub Minor
Perko – Rounded
Berko – Truck
Roger Robinson – Forward
Kutmah – Darkening of the Light
Broken English Club – The Sun Rising
Cosmo Vitelli – Die Alurane
Jonquera – A Umamami Master 1
Simo Cell – A Wink Gone Wrong
Weird Weather – Paint
Gael – Marmaros
Dijit – Babaakh
Bargou 08 – Le Min Ijina
Nihiloxica – Baksimba
JD Twitch – Sophie Scholl
WaqWaq Kingdom – Mother Tells Me
T5UMUT5UMU – 機心 
Es.Tereo – Ancestral Path
Ruby My Dear – Dadaism

Club Dread

Lupini is the maître d' of Club Dread. Bottoms up.

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