Codes & Keys (March ’20)

Nikki Chong


Codes & Keys is an exploration of the finest techno, hosted by Nikki Chong. 

Having spent six years behind the scenes as a lighting technician, Australian born Nikki Chong has spent most of her weekends observing the musical landscape from afar. It wasn’t until she turned her energy towards DJing that she became more immersed in the dance music scene. Nikki went on to win a national DJ competition, which gave her the opportunity to showcase her talent at Snowbombing. She then spent the next year perfecting her craft through her melodic house residency. However, she eventually found her true identity in techno. Yearning to experience something new, it was time for a change.

Europe had always been on the agenda for her, and her heart was set on Liverpool. Finding her way onto the line-ups for Club Bad and The Wonder Pot, she has supported names such as Dense & Pika, Fjaak and Mele. She hopes to bring her eclectic music taste and Aussie accent to the Melodic Distraction airwaves.



Yasmine Hamdan – Cafe (Acid Arab)
O’Flynn – TKOTN
Klangkarusell – Sternenkinder
Metodi Hristov – Sirius
Joy Orbison, Overmono – Bromley
Nina Kravis – Ghetto Kravis (Regal 303 Dub)
Made In Paris – Mystic Path
Many Reasons – Wicked
Otik – Wetlands
Boys Noize – Distort Me
Jakwob – Shrink It
Ryan Murgatroyd – Something Said (Super Flu Remix)

Codes & Keys

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