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Dharma Collective (January ’21)

James Sims

Tune in each month to Liverpool’s Dharma Collective for a selection of afro-fusion, funk and disco…

Kole and James started DJing together back in 2015 and have since gone on to set up their ‘Electric Boogie’ party. Guest DJs and residents play a broad selection of records throughout the night, cruising through disco, afro beat, jazz, funk, house and hip hop.

Known to play extensive sets, the DJs like to show off their eclectic tastes, whether it’s an 8 hour marathon at Liverpool’s Magnet or on the Adriatic Coast for their Warm Up Sessions. Dharma Collective’s radio show will embody everything you might hear at one of these parties, with James Sims and Kole Akeju running through killer music, new and old.

James Sims is flying the Dharma Collective flag from his humble abode, with some more latin, brazilian and afro groovers! Pour a tequila and roll on through.



Stimulator Jones – La Mano
Grupo De Experimentacion Sonora Del Icaic – Sondeando
Camarao Orkestra – Canto Da Bahia – Canto Da Bahia
Contento – Lo Bueno Esta Aqui
Cauby Peixoto – Faixa 6
Dianne Mower – The Secret Sign
Rosa – Acqua Di Sale
Sandra Sa – Feliz
Tiago – Avenue Of Dreams
?? – God’s Spirit (TT edit)
Jayme Marquez – Gentes e Coisas De Bahia
Admin – Step Into the Light
Akira Breeze – I Remember
Daniel Maunick – One Nite Stand
Moon – Oyus
Tony Allen – Road Close
Samii – For Too Long
Andrew Ashong & Kaidi Tatham – Eye Mo K
Autre – Frigo
LCSM – Virtual Signal
Elia y Elizabeth – Soy Una Nube (Bosq Remix)
Em Vee – Don’t Be Sabi Say
Ajukaja – Benga Benga
Parbleu – Danse Cette Zik
Voilaaa – Tu Mens Devont Moi
?? – Forgive Me
Pepite – Melodie
Gal Costa – Festa De Rus

Dharma Collective

Two OG selectors going across the board

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