Don’t Look Now (February ’19)

Nomadic & Deburgh


Based in Sheffield, Don’t Look Now exists to bring sounds from the peripheries of electronic music to intimate dance floors across the city as well as further afield.

Although loosely residing within the field of techno, they have had a diverse range of past guests including Anthony Naples, Beneath, Karen Gwyer, Jon K, Trevino (RIP) and Volte-Face to name a few. Resident DJs Nomadic and Deburgh have journeyed across the Pennines to the Melodic Distraction HQ to bring you two hours from across the dance music spectrum. Expect a range of ambient, dub, industrial, techno, electro and everything in between!




Pablo’s Eye – L.A. Desert
Sun Runners – Interlude
Jay Glass Dubs – Interlude I
Cosi Fanni Tutti – Sophic Ripple
Bass Cleff – Neon-Joy Threads
Lee Gamble – Folding
Young Druid – UV
Waqwaq Kingdom and Roger Robinson – Ceremony of Vision
Jay Glass Dubs – Reckless
Ossia – Dub Hell
Rainforrest Spiritual Enslavement – Bridgetown Dub
TNT Roots – Gast Version
Lord Tusk – Face 2 Face
Cosey Fanni Tutti – Drone
Richard H Kirk – Short Wave
Szare – Excavated and Remodelled


Perko – Grace
John T. Gast – White Noise Dys
Yung Lean – Kyoto
Andy Stott – Waiting For You
Autechre – Drane
Jabes – (Unreleased)
Carl Finlow – Marauders
ITPDWIP – Taking An Already Taken Decision
Unperson – (Unreleased)
Progression – Diminished
BNJMN – Titan Dome
Jabes – (Unreleased)
Eecee – Future Reference

Don’t Look Now

Sheffield-born party and arts collective

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