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Don’t Look Now (January ’18)

Deburgh & All Trades


Based in Sheffield, Don’t Look Now exists to bring sounds from the peripheries of electronic music to intimate dance floors across the city as well as further afield.

Although loosely residing within the field of techno, they have had a diverse range of past guests including Anthony Naples, Beneath, Karen Gwyer, Jon K, Trevino (RIP) and Volte-Face to name a few. Resident DJs Nomadic and Deburgh have journeyed across the Pennines to the Melodic Distraction HQ to bring you two hours from across the dance music spectrum. Expect a range of ambient, dub, industrial, techno, electro and everything in between!

This month DLN are joined by All Trades aka Jack Charnley, an upcoming DJ based in Liverpool. Since being introduced to electro by his father in 2015, the sound struck a chord with him, having been into techno for a while prior. From watching old breakdancing films such as Breakin’ and Beat Street, the sound was ingrained from an early age, and now All Trades has played at Jaded nights in London as well as Meine Nacht.


Ekoplekz – Quakers Road Skank [Planet Mu, 2015] Jay Glass Dubs – Hilton Dub [Ecstatic, 2017] Parris – Lionel’s Dub [The Trilogy Tapes, 2018] Elecktroidz – Checkmate [Warp Records, 1995] Mgun – Veyra [Don’t Be Afraid, 2016] Job Sifre – Rock Bottem [Artificial Dance, 2017] Liquid Liquid – Scraper [99 Records, 1983] Das Ding – Take Me Away [Minimal Wave, 2009] Black Zone Myth Chant – Their Love For You [Editions Gravitas, 2017)] Kailin – Gimp [Mistry, 2017] Rezzett – Rupez [RZ, 2016] Harmonious Thelonious – Sketches [Disk, 2017] Hesperious Draco – Mysterium Fidei [Frigio, 2017] Mike Paradinas – Hi-Q [Interdimensional Transmissions, 1997] J-ZBEL – SELECTA [L.I.E.S., 2017] Kraftwerk – Tour de France (Francois K Remix) [Kling Klang, 1999] Cybotron – Clear [Fantasy, 1983] Ellen Allien – Astral [BPitch Control, 2004] Radioactive Man – Craig’s Trousers Flap In The Bass Wind [Houndstooth, 2016] Devilfish – Electro Bit (Eric Powell Remix) [Bush, 1999] Radioactive Man – Jommtones [Asking For Trouble, 2017] Ged – Disappear [Third Ear Recordings, 2016] Mono Junk – I’m Okey [Trope Recordings, 1993] Elijah – Alert [–] Clatterbox – Hibernation [Trust, 2012] Pollon – Lost Souls [Scopex, 2000] Special Request – Emutraxx [Houndstooth, 2017] Elysium Alps – Languid [–] Opus III – It’s A Fine Day (Burt Fox Remix) [PWL International, 1992] Jon Convex – Radar [Nonplus Records, 2011] KiNK – The Roots of Techno [Sharivari Records, 2010] Simulant – Access Future Audio [Scopex, 2000]


Don’t Look Now

Sheffield-born party and arts collective

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