Don’t Look Now (March ’19)



Based in Sheffield, Don’t Look Now exists to bring sounds from the peripheries of electronic music to intimate dance floors across the city as well as further afield.

Although loosely residing within the field of techno, they have had a diverse range of past guests including Anthony Naples, Beneath, Karen Gwyer, Jon K, Trevino (RIP) and Volte-Face to name a few. Resident DJs Nomadic and Deburgh have journeyed across the Pennines to the Melodic Distraction HQ to bring you two hours from across the dance music spectrum. Expect a range of ambient, dub, industrial, techno and electro.

This month Deburgh soundtracks your hangover with some dub, still with a good measure of abrasive electro thrown in of course!


BeNe GeSSeRiT – Femmes Aux Yeux d’Argile
Sunun – Ishe Roots
Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry – African Starship
Afrikan Sciences – ka n f r
Jay Glass Dubs – Thumb Dub
Bassess Terres – Dalie
Tilliander – Expect Resistance
Ramzi – Safe
Lo Kindre – Aibell
Tapes – Brain Hunger Riddim (Digi Mix)
B-Ball Joints – Dumb Reggae Rock
Flora Yin-Wong – Murmures
Disrupt – Airlock Cycle
Dirk Desaever – Ein Spielzeug
M.E.S.H –
Xao – Quintal
Dj Overdose – I See No Stars At Night
Silent Servant – Optimistic Decline
Tilliander – FXSkank
Pasiphae – Tachylons
Crave – Slippy
Chris Carter – Bongo Glow
Mark Forshaw – Analogue Kicks
Intergalactic Gary & Pasiphae – Disconnected
B-Ball Joints – Glass
Lord Tusk – Mo’Ether
Le Matin – Bolz 2 riz
Perspects – Desire and Efficiency
Sully – Stripes On A Tiger Don’t Wash Away
Timothy J Fairplay – Seven Corners

Don’t Look Now

Sheffield-born party and arts collective

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